Driving passion 3: my work today ☺️

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Hi guys, today was a fun day for me as i felt so fulfilled after this amazing face makeover.

In my previous posts, I stated that I enrolled as an apprentice in a make-up studio and today, my tutor gave me an opportunity to show how creative I could be using a model.

I asked one of my friends to come model for me which she did and I was grateful for her kindness.


So this is her face after I had applied foundation on it, I forgot to take what it looked like before the foundation application.

After applying foundation, I went ahead to conceal her eye area and after that, I blended it properly with my beauty blender and went on to apply blush to her cheek bone.


Then after I highlighted the face using Sacha powder then went ahead to draw her brows. I found it really difficult drawing the brows but I had to try and it slightly came out well after highlighting it using concealer. I chosed to do skin work first before drawing brows because I find it really difficult drawing brows before doing skin work, I feel it'll destroy what I've drawn especially if powder gets into it.

After drawing the brows, I powdered her face cause it was getting oily and went ahead to apply shadows on her eye. I first applied one shade of shadow on the upper part of the eye before cutting crease.


After cutting crease, I applied three more shades of shadows to give her a warm look. I used yellow, red and black shades. It turned out really nice.



I did add some glitter to make it more beautiful. Lol. After working on the shadows, she was teary but I still had to fix her lashes, she almost ruined the makeup with tears, we struggled but I finally fixed the lashes and applied gel liner on her eyes.


Went ahead to add colors to the lip after lining it with brown color from the lip pallette, I added white, pink and red to give it this look here.


She really did love the makeup and my tutor said I did well even though there were some flaws. I know I'm getting better each day.

That's all from me today. Thanks for reading this far. I love you💋.


This work is really amazing 😍🤩 keep up the good work 👍

Awww! Thanks babe☺️💋💋

You are welcome 🤗🤗

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I'm proud of you 💙

Thanks 💙