Adventures on the crypto journey

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They say the bigger you are the harder you fall and I guess that's true in crypto as well, but not in all cases. The trick is to know when the price will stay up after a pump or if it will plummet like a rock afterwards. For a two brain cell clown like myself, the current unpredictable markets are way to dangerous to jump in for some quick profits, tempting as that is.

For example I could have easily doubled my Hive if I would have sold during the last pump at $1,8 and then bought back in at $0,8 or even below that if the current trend continues. And I'm sure there are other examples out there suitable for making some fast monies. But besides being particularly crap at trading I also hate exchanges with a passion, especially when they start with their KYC bullshit. Tempting as it is, I have to say pass to these trading opportunities.

When I fail, I fail spectacularly so I am content to guarding my crypto bags until we reach peek greed and peak prices, fingers crossed I manage to time it wright and get a lot dollarydoos for all my "hard" work making crap jokes :P


Yay! 🤗
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