Playing around again..

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Today's been a pretty good day for Micah and I. It feels amazing outside so while he's outside spinning tires... Mimi been sitting in lawn chair playing with memes 🥰

In full disclosure, I made this first couple memes couple weeks ago after hearing someone lost a bunch of starbits. It saddens me to hear anyone losing their tokens! Anyways I knew I had a pic of Micah that would fit it perfectly! I'm almost sad looking at it🤣 cuz generally He's not a sad kid!

I love his face in this next meme! It reminds me of the popcorn "drama" meme. Fact other day my family has a group chat and they started kinda gossiping I posted it there but without words🤣


He's definitely thinking up something to do lol and we're always looking for ways to have fun🤗🥰


The last 2 are of Payne. The first one I was trying to keep "innocent" but the look on his face just says more!


He can be so very sweet (he's being sweet in my profile pic) but he is moody. Have to watch him around others.. He don't always play nice!

Anyways, that's about it for today. Hope y'all enjoy🤗

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Nice MEMEing,

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Right! My hubby told me about it when I first got on the Blockchain. I'm scared of links unless it's someone that's been around a long time on hive. Otherwise I'll ask about it before I follow it

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Thank you🤗

You're welcome @rachaeldwatson! Have a nice day 😊👍

You as well🤗


Why was the painter sprinting down the street?
Because his paint was running.

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What can you serve but not eat?
Divorce papers.

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