Ow.., my Legs...

My upper thighs are aching. Could it be that I am out of shape, given the winter hibernation?

This winter I didn't really hibernate from Urban Exploration and have done full days of exploring at least every month.

So why am I suffering from what appears to be the 'DOMS'?


Yesterday's trip did involve climbing through several windows, stretching my leg looking for that wobbly plastic crate to ease my descent, and pulling myself up several walls, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I am never going to say... 'I am getting too old for this shit'.


Our last drive-past was this creepy-looking mansion right next to a busy road with a row of terraced houses filled with Karen's probably staring at us.

What did we do? climbed over and went in of course in full view of our audience.

Was this the last straw and what is giving me today's unexpected pain? It was around 10 feet tall but easier than it looks.

Just another day in the life of an Urban Explorer.


Old urbexers never die, they just decay (dis)gracefully.

Take care of yourself mate.

Thanks for the comforting words, one day some old wreck is going to take me one way or another 😀


Keep at it it'll keep you young haha

What DOMS By the Way ?