Courtyard spaces. The center of Vologda. Part 6

Then I began to study the courtyards in the blocks near the railway station. As it turns out, I don't know the center well! But this can be said about everyone who only walks the streets and does not look inside. In many places, I have already been, but much was discovered for the first time and created very unexpected impressions.

I have already said that this year I will try not to interrupt filming of courtyards in the summer. I will try, it will suddenly work out!

During the summer, the nights are very bright and the street lighting does not create the desired atmosphere.

I now almost completely avoid the sky in the frame, so the main thing is that the light from the lanterns illuminates the surfaces enough.

In the summer, foliage will be added, which will cover all the beauty, but at the same time it will create its own positive signs that can be used as a creative tricks.

I always shoot tunnels from both sides.

A different world is seen from different sides.

Directly opposite the railway station there is a Stalin's Era house, to which a Khrushchev building was added over time. Two different eras in one house! They are connected just in the area of ​​the tunnel.

It is always very crowded in the courtyards of the center. the buildings here are very compact.

Although I see another reason for the small courtyard space.

The houses here are mainly of the Stalinist or Khrushchev era, which means that parking spaces at that time were not designed for such a number of cars.

And playgrounds were not so widespread then.

Sometimes you can capture many different colors. That's why I love night photography. Try to do this in the afternoon!

People install light sources and do not even know what kind of installation they are creating.

Being in some places, you wonder how people live here.

And in some places I would like to live myself.

And these sensations change literally in a few steps. The housing stock is so different here.

A very comfortable house: you leave the entrance, go through the tunnel and go out to the parking lot, which is very close to the roadway.

Sometimes such enlightenment rolls over me that I can see directly how the system of our life works.

All actions, phenomena and accidents become so transparent that you think, how can people not see it. But I know the answer to that too.

The causal relationship of the system is very well developed.

But I won't go into that anymore. I'd rather write about yards. I have gone so far, or rather have written too much about it.

To be continued...


Мне очень нравится чтитать и знать your thoughts as you tour through these courtyards and other places. It adds a whole other dimension to the photoblog to also be exposed to your internal musings about your environment, or just life/existence in general.

I also love that what you choose to capture is rarely what most people would pay much attention to, let alone photograph, but your eye for art really creates a doorway for me to experience a more authentic representation of real life on the other side of the world.

Anyway, just wanted to say спасибо and keep up the good work!

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