Courtyard spaces. Upper Suburb-1

I got to the Upper Suburb - a microdistrict of the central part of Vologda. Like the previous micro-districts of the center, I also liked this one for its cozy and quiet courtyards. The number of storeys of the microdistrict is low: mainly there are five-story panel or brick houses.

I would like to feel again the metaphysics of night courtyard spaces.

The fact is that before the vacation I was on the material frequency. This is constant movement, a lot of things to do, communication, travel, money...

I knew in advance that the vacation would unsettle me - and that is what happened. And then I did vaccine against covid. It really breaks the mind.

There are two extremes: material and spiritual. It's ideal to be in balance.

But now I'm somewhere on the sidelines. Neither there nor there.

I even tried to force myself to shoot something, but I probably won't even publish these pathetic attempts. Or I will publish them as illustrative pictures with the obligatory commentary.

Only music and some other elements bring me to my senses, help me return to the desired frequency.

I think that everything will fall into place. But what frequency? With my mind I want material, and with my heart I want spiritual. Although this is logical.

I liked the material frequency! There is quite a place for creativity, only it will be with a corresponding bias. This is a reportage wave.

On such a wave, it is difficult to surrender to yourself, disconnect from all affairs and plunge into least for a while. I haven't learned this yet.

I would like to be able to switch quickly between frequencies. But this takes time and experience. Now I'm at least starting to understand how it works.

Each of the extremes gives something of its own and one cannot exist without the other.

Material frequency gives prosperity, self-satisfaction, success, but it burns out emotionally.

And on the spiritual frequency there is always as film: there are no problems, always a neutral mood, the sensitivity to the outside world increases, miracles happen...but then problems still arise...due to the fact that you stop maintaining the material frequency and it begins to weaken. These are the paradoxes. And I have not yet learned the balance...