Summer in Veteran's Park. Part 2

Once upon a time, Veterans Park was fun all year round. The corresponding holidays were held in different seasons. New Year, Shrovetide, City Day were celebrated here.

Now you can also go through the park and buy ice cream, but everything is in the balance from the complete closure.

Many territories are simply neglected. There are even wetlands.

When decorative elements are made from improvised means, this does not indicate a desire to do something, but a lack of funding.

Almost all parks are designed with a focus on children and maybe they would like this design.

It turns out that there is no normal landscaped park in the entire Riverside part of Vologda?

Fryazinovsky Park is very small and quite new. Although I really liked it, it is not enough for the whole huge microdistrict.

And you just need to asphalt the paths, and put in order some of the rides.

The best place in the park is a pond next to the residence of Father Frost.

That's just for the sake of the pond, I'm ready to come here.

Let there be some neglected moments here too, but the water body gives a lot!

All street life is concentrated here.

Undoubtedly there was once a catamarans rental here.

Now there are only rickety benches left...

Veterans Park has a huge potential.

You just need to tackle it.

The end.