All the fun of the fair. Yerevan. September 22

in Urban Exploration4 months ago

I got into Yerevan a day early as there were things I wanted to see and do that were not on the itinerary!

Arriving into Yerevan just after 2:00am, hotel, check in, sleep, up at 8:00am breakfast. Walk. It was my intention to visit the Tsitsernakapert Monument, a distance of about just under 5 miles, without deviation.


I love deviation, rules are there to be bent and broken.


Running through Yerevan is the Hrazdan River, which creates a rather large gorge. Quite sensibly called the Hrazdan Gorge. That is where my circuitous route took me.


Shall we scramble down the bank?


Damn right we will.



Fuck me that was hard work, loose rocks, thorn bushes and no defined path, left me sweating like a blind lesbian in a fishmongers shop. Maybe I should have looked for a gate or something.



It was a small park, abandoned? Or just not open today? dunno; given that it was a Saturday????



Does anyone remember Dusty Bin on that annoying 80's quiz show 3-2-1.



Don't look so smug. THAT is not your winkle.



These were clever bits of art, Steel plates cut out to give a 3D impression, the rust giving it an extra touch



Just by these I ended up in a construction site and was given that "where the fuck did he come from look", by a group of hard hatted hi viz wearers.

Ha! giving them my best I come from your dreams, your worst nightmare, smile, I emerged by a gate to a road which eventually got me back in the direction I needed to go.

Deviation rules OK


First glance looked like a pumpkin, thought you were in search of Cinderella.

Nicely tucked away the art definitely stole the picture. Cannot remember 80's children stuff was too busy with my own brats who loved the Simpsons.


Who doesn't love the Simpsons, it is wasted on kids! I am forever searching for Cinderella, One day her prince will come

Sure the prince is waiting in the wings, outdoor amusement parks like this are slowly becoming a thing of the past as well.

I remember growing up, the visiting fair was the highlight of the spring, taken on a friday night by my parents, I still recall how big and busy it was carousels and stuff, freshly made candy floss whipped on a stick in front of you.

Now one turns up in our town half a dozen rides pre made candy floss in a bag, hardly any visitors.

Sign of the times

Ours have all closed down some very old standing annual events have gone as well, now parents wonder why children are glued to cellphones 24/7!

Yup, phones i pads and playstations are taking over

Nothing can beat real living, the way we used to do!

Very interesting deviation. Because of the rust - I will guess that it is abandoned. I like the three dimensional steel plate art.

When I see these posts I want to go on an exploration myself - however everything gets cleaned up so fast here - it is incredible. I will find something one day though.

Expect the unexpected @momogrow , yes the steel plates are very clever

:-) indeed

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That's fantastic that you arrived in Yerevan early and took the opportunity to explore beyond the itinerary! It's always exciting to have the freedom to discover new things. I completely agree with you about bending and breaking the rules sometimes. The Hrazdan Gorge sounds like a captivating place to explore. Enjoy your circuitous route and embrace the unexpected adventures that come your way!

Cheers @silviared945 thanks for stopping by, Yerevan in all its glory was a wonderful place to wander, I am slowly getting round to uploading the whole roadtrip, hope you stay posted and enjoy

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I wonder if it was just being stored there until needed? Those types of fairs usually travel around continuously so I'm thinking it was abandoned. Unless the town/city has their own equipment?

No I don't think it was stored, it was too organised and firm in the ground.

I see. Probably abandoned then

Something we shall never know

Awesome to wander around… even though the challenge of getting there 😎
I found a place like this once in Malta. Fully abandon and not in such a good state anymore.

Cheers @littlebee4 , it was a good start to the day. malta is a place OI have never visited tbh.

Cheers @grindle
Let’s say… Malta is nice to visit, on a holiday… but no way for living. I can tell stories hahaha 😜

I am all ears!!!!

Will write some posts about it 🤓
Have plenty of pictures to accompany those stories 😎

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