The house of the Irish bummer. August 23.

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When you get a message from @slobberchops "gay man's house is still open", I know what he means, from anyone else? I may have been a bit perturbed to say the least.

When I looked at the location on apple maps...... "Fuck me, seriously?"
It is on one of the main arterial routes into Mancunia.

Now this upload is different it was a challenge set by @erikah

I like a challenge. Two here for the price of one!


"Through the hole down the side, backdoor open" were my instructions.



Now that is the most realistic door knob I have ever seen, needless to say the door was kicked open. I wasn't handling that and making my own little soldier envious.


We shall follow a route downstairs, then venture up into the dorma roof space, come join me


There be treasure in these parts.



What were you doing in 1977? I got married and moved into our first house.


A souvenir cap from 1994 World Cup


Foodstuff with a sell by date of 2011


A calendar from 1997, a property such as this one, size and location would easily sell for close to £750k, it is one of the unanswered questions, why are properties like this allowed to rot? Complicated probate? no heirs or successors?


Well I found a will from 1994 which clearly details how the spoils of death should be shared out. other documents told me that Robert, is this who lived here? owned several properties in the area out on the rental market, and in '94 he had two brothers. I just can't establish when he died to investigate further. Bugger.


Although the rooms were dark with heavy drapes concealing the contents from the outside world there was no scent of decay, nor wanton tour bus vandalism. that made a refreshing change.








A latecomer to the piano? Though revised, the original cover as this one is dates from 1969.



In 1984, the IRA attempted to assassinate the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and members of her cabinet. They failed, strange to see a framed picture of Margaret in an Irishman's home. Well at least I haven't stumbled upon a republican army secret weapons stash. So, lets carry on shall we.




Where the good stuff is

The creaking of the stairs in a silent house, ramps up the adrenaline flow. Personally I prefer an upstairs mooch, its more intimate, a part of the house visitors and guests would maybe never have seen.











I love stumbling across vintage photographs, they evoke strong emotions of who why what and where, questions that can't be answered.


is this our man, leading a secret life, scared of his sexuality, ( in a bygone age, in the UK it was illegal to be homosexual, and I guess a lot of men hid their light under a bushel)


This scrap book is one of the best bits of treasure I have ever found. Now 116 years old, the scrap book, simple pleasures amidst the horror of war.



What wonderful handwriting, a skill many have lost, I recall my primary school days, sitting at a desk practicing and practicing "joined up writing".


Mine never looked like this , It was rubbish, and still is. To be honest I can't remember the last time I wrote anything other than birthday and post cards. See, alas it is all about the fingers and keyboards these days.


A vintage keyboard



OOPS!, now where is that plastic purple penis?





Certainly a great gem of exploration. Gym Buddies with all of Life's trimmings!

It would be good to find out where the fellow ended up & if his inheritance has been wisely used by the beneficiaries.

cheers @jagged , probably invested in rubber dildos!

Now this upload is different it was a challenge set by @erikah

I'm glad you took my advice as this post is great. I think black and white adds to it quite a lot, especially considering the age of the place. However, it's always sad to see someone's old home in such a state. There are some funny photos too 😁

Many thanks @grindle!

So how is your relationship with monochrome now? 😏

cheers @erikah , abandoned without knowing the reason, yes I know where you are coming from.
Mono yes I am very quickly falling in love lol, thinking I shall consider using it more in the right situation, and I agree it does work well in Urbex.

So many memories you found here, another's life time. Old malt mug, radio, cut glass items look familiar, with books and microscope even a piano (we never had).

Block style writing in grade one and two, cursive writing during years that followed throughout our schooling. Keyboard typing started in high school (Std 8 or Grade 10) as an optional lesson which I took going into a Commercial Technical College.

@tipu curate

happy days one two is two two twos and four and all that.

being a lad, typing was just for the girls lol

Huh that is where you are wrong...., guys went to our Commercial School and also excelled in typing! No flies on them, stood them in good stead I'm sure with arrival of computers later.

oof kudos. I am still just an index finger typer !!!

Let you into a big secret...., our typing teacher was a male! Super strict as well, you learned to touch type quickly with him breathing over your shoulder 🙃

him breathing over your shoulder

that is a bit scary,!

It was, look at your hands get hammered with metal edge of ruler over the fingers....

LOL, you rooted a lot harder than me (oops... that came out wrong). You will see mine sometime late '2024!

got to have a good rooting session!!

It is always very sad to see places like this be left to rot and decay. If houses like this go unclaimed then they should be converted to social housing. Thanks for an interesting exploration.

cheers @saltycat for stopping by and commenting, your sentiment is agreed, there is a great need for social housing, but who would buy this and renovate at a potential outlay of £1million, with a return at best of £1k a month? and not many folk could afford that sort of rent.

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That was a great tour. So much to see… very cool.
All has memories.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy weekend 😊

Hilarious door know.
There's some pretty neat stuff in there. Everything vintage is coming back into fashion. The old Guinness book of records would be cool to read through.

yes the door handle, when @slobberchops sent me a snap was in the house!!!

have cock will travel!

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ah crap apologies, I am not that savvy with techie stuff, and pretty clueless about the hive set up, didn't realise it was exclusive, it won't happen again. I shall try and edit and remove

No worries.
Thank you very much for editing the post and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey no probs, my mistake, I guess it is ok to use the tag blackandwhite going forward?

The door handle already gave some things away so the walls and photos only confirmed what could already be guessed. As there is a will - I still wonder about the story of the property. Shame about it state. There are some great finds there. The handwriting was beautiful indeed - I also learnt cursive writing- only use it on birthday and christmas cards.

Great photos as always.

cheers @momogrow , I was never very good at "joined up writing" it is a skill I could never really master.....bit like typing