A haunted house

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Maybe it isn't, but who knows... or yes, they do. It is haunted.

I confess I didn't expect to find this on my way. I was just cycling around a bit. Hey, I wanted to break the routine and hell, yes, I broke it to the core.

They were coming from school, probably from Ciudad Libertad, which is very close to there. I don't know if this street belongs to the Havana municipality of Marianao or if I was already on the border with Playa.


But, you see, I was on an edge, or a precipice, or in no man's land. Mmmm... dangerous to think like that in these conditions and with so much suggestion involved.

Children don't lie and some people say they have a quality that we grown-ups have lost over the years. They see.


— Let's go in — they said almost in chorus.
— We have already gone in there and we saw a child.
— But... how? — I asked. The door is locked. Can we go in?

More questions:

—Are you going in, madam?

Oh, I hate being called madam, but I looked at them with complacency and then pointed my eyes at my two-wheeled friend. She was a nuisance, for the moment.

I shrugged my shoulders and felt like a wilted yagruma leaf.


The details I found in the facade of that house alone are very revealing.

But I confess, I felt afraid. My heart wasn't beating, it was bubbling and that feeling stretched all the way down my legs like a seismic infection.

They reached the door.


A door with a number that reminded me of the dreaded and controversial 666 or number of the beast, as some insist on calling it. "No, put that crazy idea out of your mind" — I thought.

But there was the suggestion. Then there was a shout from across the street. No, don't dramatise before I tell you. It wasn't a panicked scream or anything like that. It was just a concerned mother calling out to her son and authoritatively telling them to get out of there, all of them, except me who was still standing on the street.

They left.

There I stood like a wilted and fearful, but curious too, yagruma leaf.

If only...


Now look towards the door and look away quickly. What did you see? Because that's what I saw.

However, I decided to...

"Let me at least go into the gardens of the house. It's harmless. If there are ghosts, they won't be lurking in the gardens at this time of the afternoon." — I thought or spoke, I don't know, I was having a chat with my conviction.

I looked at the clock. It was almost 4.

Of course I went inside with my bike.


And not a few times I felt shivers there. The branches were cracking under my feet causing a really disturbing wailing.



— Come on, don't be a coward, — I said.

I'm hard on myself, I know.


😱 It is not the sword of Damocles but it is as if it were. And if it comes out of there, eh? Right at the entrance of the door! My God!

Another scream. Ouch! 😲 — What? Fuck!

It was two young men who passed by and saw me taking pictures.


Again, that "madam" that it is like a kick in the hjhkhadkgf... — in the what, — let's see. Because a kick in the jshghfhfhfkjhjds would be very painful.
I raised my eyes to heaven. Ay madre, patience. 🙄

— Madam, this house is marked by the police — they warned.


What did that mean? I don't know. Marked by the police sounded like a crime happened here or something. Or not. The windows and their grim, nay, disturbing appearance...


They were like macabre portals to my own imagination.

_1340276.JPG _1340288.JPG

I could already feel a call coming from one of them. A trembling, weak voice, deceptively calling for help.


Yes, misleadingly, we all know what happens in the movies when the protagonist goes to help the one who is supposedly asking for help and suddenly it shows itself.


— No! Put those bad thoughts away. And I... if only... I wanted to go inside, I swear. But now I wonder if my bike hadn't been in the way, would I have made it? Would I have gotten through that door?


The kids also said that an old woman used to live there. That she was still there.

I didn't understand. The house is abandoned. But remember, they see.

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Too bad you weren't able to go in. I recently went to a haunted mansion too.. At least it was open to the public hehe... I went in alone, scary at first, but the inside was bright do I wasn't anymore..you should try real UX experience next time ☺️

😁😅 Really? Sure! I will try to always go with my bike so that it is the pretext nuisance. Because I assure you that this one was not illuminated on the inside.


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Nearby my university, there is also a haunted house. Even in our surrounding there are haunting abandoned houses.
This house is truly looking haunted. That 663 number!
By the way I was not aware of 666 number which is friend of devil (Lol) put away all these bad thoughts away from your mind.
Shadows have turned your blog into really haunted yet cinematic.

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Shadows have turned your blog into really haunted yet cinematic.



I like it. Thank you. When are you going to show us those haunted houses? 🤔😇

Tomorrow I will go back to university and then I will visit that haunted house and surely I will share with you. Actually that is just a room which is abandoned!

👏 I will wait.

Hello @nanixxx, when I went out this morning I was accompanied by a big moon who said to me very politely: good morning. Very good morning neighbor. - I answered.
And together we readed the story. Before leaving, my silver friend told me: I know the old woman in the house. She is very afraid of the living, that's why she hides and doesn't let herself be seen.

Yeah, my grandma for my father side used to say "be afraid of the living, not the dead." I'm not really afraid of anything, well, sometimes just of myself. But let's not unravel this story, right? 😅 Todo lo que cuento aquí fue real, excepto mi tembleque. O no sé, creo que sí estaba temblando un poco... sí.


Who knows?

I have spoken with my friend the Sun and we agree with the wise opinion of your grandma. I'm still on the street, even though it's a bit cold, it's a great time to walk.... I'm almost alone, safe from the living

Enjoy that nice walk. I know it will be. 😴

Have some nice dreams

fantastic shots of a wonderful old building, in its day I bet it was even more gorgeous....... I woulda gone inside lol

I see you're traveling. See you there in Belize. 😉

I woulda gone inside lol

Of course, me too. 🤣

LOL nooooooooo! belize is a former trip I have only just managed to sort out the snaps and upload!.

I am just today returned from Bangladesh, OMG what a place the 3 week trip is actually promoted to Numero Uno as the best I have done ( pix ready to upload in about 12 months LOL). Though thinking I might throw some faces into the picture a day community, challenge myself a bit in March.

😮 🤣 lol... I didn't want to live in the past and I was already in Belize, my gosh.

Bangladesh, oh, so exciting 😅 but don't be lazy, give us something sooner, even though March is already here!

time flies LOL

Hmmmm, iron spike coming through the ceiling? Not creepy at all!

There's a haunted woods on an island I go camping at regularly. I don't know if other people talk about it being haunted but I feel it like I've never felt anything before. The second time I went I forgot that I thought it was haunted but two minutes down the trail I felt it again. Maybe I'm a kid. I don't know who/what haunts it, though.

Hey, Ganesha, hahaha... maybe it's enchanted. Did you feel something bad or good? Maybe it's enchanted by fairies, goblins and elves 😉.

iron spike coming through the ceiling? Not creepy at all!

No, almost nothing.

Apparently it's where a fight broke out over a pig (not to be confused with bay of pigs, of course) between the US and Britain. The pig was the only life lost. Perhaps it is the pig's ghost..? It feels a bit spookier than a pig, though.

I loved this picture!

But I told you not to go to my house, that's where I do the spells, but you didn't find me because I go at night and that's when the spirits accompany me and register who visited it during the day and they will haunt you .... no... just kidding, they will only haunt you in your dreams.🤣

I rarely listen to what people tell me. It doesn't matter that you left me outside. Anyway, I couldn't come in because I had to stay close to my bike. Can't take my eyes off it. I don't know if you understand me, hahaha.

One day I'll visit you at night to see you fly on the broom. 😂

I completely understand the bicycle issue. I will wait for you with a delicious cake.... and my cats will take care of your bicycle!🤣

Thank you, just a tea would be fine. But if you insist with the cake... well. I'll accept it.

I insist on a chocolate one with secret ingredients🤣

I trust in your kind witch's heart. 😇

Don't worry, I only do good spells!

Good night!😘

I would have been afraid to enter, but not because of the ghosts that might inhabit it, but because of the danger of collapse 🤭. Can you imagine being crushed to death by a roof or a wall?🤪

The "madam" would have told you the details....sure I'm 😜. Why didn't you ask her?🤣

Can you imagine being crushed to death by a roof or a wall?🤪

No. It's very difficult for me to picture this in my mind. 🤣

Amanda, a la que le decían señora era a mí. No soporto que me digan señora.

Mijita la señora que le gritó al hijo y que te dijo que la casa estaba "marcada por la policía", esa sabe toooda la info 😉.

😂 ay ay ay... no pelees.

Ah no...los que te dijeron lo de la policía fueron los muchachos que pasaban 🤣🤣🤣.

Tú sabes que en esta ciudad todos creen saber lo que realmente no saben. 😁