Cinemateque - an urbanism with 135mm prime lens.

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This is my first contribution to the Urban Exploration community. I'm happy to become a part :-) Today I would like to show the urban look of the TelAviv city.

I think a lot about some wrong influence that I got from the part of Hard Core Street photographers. I think that this happened exactly a few months before Google+ invited me to the Beta version when “Street Photographer” and “Streettogs” terms have appeared at the Topics of many articles and posts of different blogs. In these Articles were clearly spelled out the “real rules” of the “real” street photography:
Using only 24-35-50mm lens. Or everything in focus rule as a result of using by low Aperture, as result of trying to count the hyperfocal distance, as result of shooting from the hip, as result of the desire to remain unnoticed. Or to use sudden flash and to scare the walking pedestrians. The deviated perspectives and a huge amount of the going, sitting, and “doing nothing” people. In this race, we lost THE story and THE feeling of the street.
During thinking about all this, I came to an idea of ​​a small project, that will be some attempt to break all the “street photography rules”.
“Cinematheque” – colors, maximum aperture, thought-out composition with right horizons, long 135mm lens, and feeling of being inside some movie where the people are not the only main subject.

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