Update on Hi From Hive initiative - Now it's your turn

A month and a half ago I launched Hi From Hive, an initiative for Hivers to share your Hive experience with the rest of the world.


We all joined Steem/Hive under different circumstances and for different reasons, and it has made a difference in our lives in different ways. We all have a story to tell about our Hive journey and experience, no matter how mundane you think it is, someone will be interested to hear about it. Me for one. Hi From Hive is where you can do this.

The Hi From Hive post is a freewrite for you to talk about whatever you like about your experience on Hive. Then you pin it onto the Hi From Hive map, like the one below. When you click on the Hi From Hive map below (don't worry, it's safe, it's not a phishing website), you will see what a powerful tool it can be to help promote Hive.

The idea is that we can share the Hi From Hive map with people outside of Hive when we try to onboard new users. They may want to know what Hive is all about, what it means for people who are already on Hive, how Hive has impacted their life, is there a local community where they live, what possibilities are there on Hive etc....

What better way to do this and promote Hive than for us to talk about our own real life Hive experience?

When I launched the initiative a month and a half ago, I got some very good responses on my announcement post, it was reblogged 58 times!!!!!! You guys definitely think its an interesting idea.

And so far over 30 people have shared their stories from 16 countries. Thank you to everyone for that!!!

South AfricaNigeria

However, as a community, I know we can do even better! There are people on Hive from a lot more countries than the 16 above, and there are definitely more than 30 people who have a story to tell. I rarely do this, but I'm going to tag everyone who has commented or reblogged about the Hi From Hive initiative, so here you go ......

And if I haven't tagged you, don't feel left out, you're included as well!!

Making a Hi From Hive post is really easy. Just write about your experience and journey on Hive. You only need to remember two things:

  1. Use the hifromhive tag
  2. Pin it on Pinmapple, instructions on how to do this, and more details about the Hi From Hive initiative can be found in the announcement post here

If you miss out either one of the two things above, your post won't appear on the Hi From Hive map. You don't have to post from the Hi From Hive community https://peakd.com/c/hive-104601/created but it helps me to find your post, and to see if I can get more support for it - @acidyo and @OCD have agreed to support quality Hi From Hive posts!!!!

Here's the announcement post that will give you more information about this initiative.

Now it's your turn

This post uses @reward.app as a way to say Thank You to all those who support this initiative.


To get higher participation should start with just a photo contest. Have people take a photo of themselves near a known landmark of their city. Facing camera, or from behind optional, since some people are private. Then if people choose they can expand on their 'map marker' with a story.

Personally I find initiatives here like "Twitter madness" over demanding and those tweets are doomed to get drowned out.

This one has potential to have a lasting effect though since as that map grows with participants it paints an instant collective picture of users here. Then a person can journey through the world and see/read more.

KIS - keep it simple!
Is always the superior way at first.

That's why reblog and comment is what people did more because it's a simpler way of supporting over actually following the requirements.

Good luck!

You have a very good point, thanks for that. Personally I'm not a big fan of single photo posts and I wanted to avoid too much spam on the Hi From Hive map as it would make it too cluttered. But it's definitely something that I could explore later on to get more traction on the map.

thanks for the suggestion.

Care to share your own experience? 😉


Yeah good point on the spam. I might add a photo next to a city landmark but I'm in lockdown here in Melbourne Australia. We can't travel outside of a 5km radius so I would be incriminating myself. Our government has gone nuts with Corona.

My story not so positive though. I had left years ago and only came back to see if it improved as Hive from steemit. I feel this place needs a lot of work.

I think Hive is a lot better than Steem, and it's matured a lot over the past couple of years. Perhaps not perfect yet, but we're certainly heading the right direction.

A not so positive experience is also a worthy experience to share, I think its important to hear all the good and bad as it's the fact of life 🙃

Heard about Melbourne, they're taking it really seriously! You take care down under!

Yeah see I don't see much changes. I believe SMTs are the crucial missing element. Communities without them is like a city without roads. The projects here just can't be what they could be. That's why I went away and don't post because it was a great idea but then developers didn't seem able to finish it. I hear talk that after hard fork 25 they'll try finish them.

I think it some years still before Blockchain systems can gain movement into mainstream so I have belief in its future. I would definitely be active when the system has the tools available for creators and a bigger audience that can be well rewarded.

Thanks for well wishes take care also!

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My post about a month ago Hi From Hive From My Perspective

Yes, I remember reading your post @seckorama, thank you for being one of the earlier Hivers to support this initiative. It is much appreciated!


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I really wanted to post and I don't realize now why I didn't do it. Thanks for reminding me. I really needed an impulse, I posted less lately (lack of time) and after these breaks I find it harder to warm up. Thank you again.

Thanks for sharing your Hi From Hive post now @bluemoon, appreciate it


Thank you!

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I must thank you. Thank you!

hmmm, no Russian hivers yet?! maybe I will the 1st one, then!


Yah!!! Another country on the Hi From Hive map! It's such a big block of empty space on the map just waiting to be pinned!!! Look forward to it.


the blank map is waiting, yeah!

meanwhile I am covering the pinmapple, from time to time.

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Thanks for reminding me, I entirely forgot :(

No worries Priyan, that's why I thought I'd tag and bug everyone 😀

Well I should check the previous post and will come up with something.

Thanks for the mention. I remember making a reblog but not the post because at that moment @theycallmedan hosted a hive experience initiative before that, and I had made an entry. Didn't know how to make another entry on my hive experience again.

Since that had been a while, I think I can construct another hive experience post on hi from hive.

Thanks again 😊 !tip

I'm sure our Hive experience is ever changing, hopefully getting better all the time. There's no time limit to this as an ongoing initiative. Maybe do a draft in your editor so your won't forget, and share your experience whenever you're ready.

thanks for the tip btw.

I haven't forgotten. I have just been a little overwhelmed preoccupied with what's been happening in my 3D world.

Appreciate the reminder,especially as you said there was time...😀👍🏻

Hope things are going well IRL Fiona. No worries, whenever you have time, I just thought I'd give the initiative a little push 😀

It's been a hectic and rather nerve wracking patch, but things are setting again, thank you.

The nudge was not taken amiss and with the events of the last two weeks, I will probably take a my typical left field approach to it. lol

Sharing with ma posse

nice initiative! I just happened to find it on twitter 😉👍🏼 will definitely check it out!

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That's great @iamraincrystal. You're well versed with how pinmapple works and this is based on that, plus the tag so it gets on the Hi From Hive map. Hope to see you share your Hive experience soon

Great idea and the map is awesome

Hi there @whatsup, haven't seen you around for a long time and thanks a lot for dropping by. Appreciate that a lot, and that you think the initiative is a good idea.

Thank you for the mention, I've been meaning to do it, thanks for the reminder. Will do this very soon.

Look forward to reading your Hive journey Arni,you've done so well during your time on Hive, I'm sure it will be an inspiration for new people to join.

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Love onboarding initiatives and your work in and around the "Ladies of Hive" community. This post is picked for the LOH curation post about to drop soon ;) great post

Thanks for the reminder tag, @livinguktaiwan! I'm planning to do a post for this hopefully soon (most likely after the Eclipse passes...lol), and I appreciate the nudge. Oh, and happy Hard Fork week! 😊

Thanks Traci, hopefully we'll get over Eclipse safely!

hello dear friend @livinguktaiwan good afternoon
I loved this initiative, congratulations, it is a splendid way to publicize our company and motivate people to approach through the inspiring stories that each hivian has in this company, it makes the social network more enjoyable and human
Thank you very much for allowing us to support our company with our grain of sand
have a wonderful night, happy beginning of the week

Somehow missed the mention, but glad I found my way to this post. 😅 I finally did mine last night. ☺️

Oh I see my name is there. Awesome. I'm definitely way behind with this initiative. My apologies. Is it too late for me to do one?

nice post! i like it :=)

Absolutely beautiful, a newbie who just discovered a community to share my experience, am coming in right away, it's been awesome

Hi! I'd like to ask if it is still okay to participate in this? Thank you!