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RE: Planning ahead for family Christmas presents 送給家人的聖誕禮物

Wow, I love those patterns but I don't have the means to waste paint on the process of making these. I'm a lover of art and design so whatever I see, I try to figure out how they were made and do them according to my vision. I've seen, how are these made on Facebook and YouTube, so I somehow know how.


I get what you mean, that's why I'm pouring practical things now that I can use or give as a gift. I started out pouring on canvas (additional cost!) but then thought what am I going to do with them? So I moved to practical things like coasters and pendants so at least they're useful.

That's even practical indeed. Are you using Resin? Lately, I've watched some videos using resin on YouTube and Facebook, and the result is so satisfying to look at. I think that could make your work look even more beautiful.

I've never used resin before and I know it makes the finishing that so much more professional, but I'm also worried about messing it all up as it sounds like it's very tricky. I'm still undecided on that yet....

Yeah it seems like that.