Relive Hong Kong Chinese Opera in Tsing Yi 回顧去年5月份的青衣戲棚(Part 1)

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【Tsing Yi Theatre】 Hong Kong Chinese Opera in Tsing Yi has a hundred years of history, the annual regional traditional large-scale festival [True Emperor's Birthday] and [Tian Hou Birthday], has also been cancelled under the epidemic this year! I had to relive the unique scene of the Chinese Opera in Tsing Yi Hong Kong from April to May last year on my channel.

香港過百年歷史,每年一度地區性傳統大型節日【真君寶誕】及【天后誕】的青衣戲棚,在今年疫情下也取消了!只好回顧一下去年4-5月份香港戲棚Chinese Opera獨特的情景。

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