We are Playermon! Our Introduction to the Hive Community!

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Hello, Hive community! This is our first post. We want to share details about our game and our plan to work together with Hive. Playermon is a NFT game that will be available in the Polygon Network (formerly Matic), although were are still in an early development phase.


What is Playermon?

Playermon is a boundless NFT Game where anyone can explore the universe and battle with their favorite Playermons! Players will be able to colonize planets, earn resources, and participate in battles.‌ In-game, you will be able to acquire your Playermons through either breeding or by purchasing eggs.‌

The key difference between Playermon and a traditional game is that Blockchain economic design rewards players for their contributions to the ecosystem. This new model of gaming has been dubbed as "play-to-earn".

Players can earn by:

  • Competing in PVP battles to win leaderboard prizes.

  • Breeding pets and selling them on the marketplace.

  • Collecting and speculating on rare Playermons.

  • Building a space colonial base.

  • Farming for the gems that are needed to breed Playermons. These will be sold on exchanges such as Uniswap and Binance.


An Introduction to the Playermon Universe

The Playermon Universe is filled with many creatures, especially Playermons. Playermons are living creatures fused with rare minerals like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and rare crystals. The Playermon Universe also has a variety of creatures that players can use for many purposes. These purposes range from agriculture, battles, or a more gentle approach, as companions.

However, people mainly use Playermons as weapons. When they are combined with minerals and crystals, they can become a very effective offensive tool. Thus, having a Playermon beast can give you the great advantage to gain resources, land, etc.

We invite you to join us and submerge in this world of imagination. Travel around Planets of rich resources to mine and trade. Soon we will share more details about the game.



A Bit of History

Playermon was created in May 2021 by a group of professionals who were major fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the Animal Crossing video games. Their admiration towards these games, combined with their knowledge of blockchain technology, inspired them to consider developing a space-themed adventure game that features open-world gameplay similar to Animal Crossing but in outer space.

The greater the team's dedication to the creative and planning phases, the more they realized the numerous hurdles that would inevitably arise in bringing a quality GameFi project to fruition.

Still, the company remains committed to making a difference and bringing more value to the NFT Game industry and Play-to Earn communities despite these obstacles.

Check out the white paper to learn more about the game.


Our Plans and Goals with Hive

Build a huge Playermon Community in Hive

We have created a community where players can share their Playermon journey. We will post our official updates there, and we will host giveaways and contests for the community. Anyone with a Hive account will be able to post Playermon related content in the community.

These are the current rules for the community:
  • Only post Playermon-related content.

  • You can only post original content. Do not repost another person's work.

  • Memes are welcome, but Low-effort posts will be removed to reduce clutter.

  • Questions are encouraged to be posted on our Discord or Telegram community so that it will be answered quicker. Also, you can check out our FAQs page.

  • Search before posting. Don't repeat old posts.

  • Absolutely no promotionals, networkings, surveys, and shilling of other games or websites.

  • No "add me here/ can I add you here" posts or comments.

  • Keep the community interactions healthy, and respect other users. We want this to be a safe place for everyone, and keep in mind that the other person is also human.


  • No impersonation of the Team or Admins would be tolerated.

  • Violations will be dealt with accordingly, and posts that we see as harmful to the community or its members may be removed at the team's discretion.

These rules may change or evolve as we grow the community.

To join the community, click the subscribe button on this page: https://peakd.com/c/hive-10521/created.

Playermon - Official Teaser

The Playermon Team - The Faces Behind the Project


Big thanks to @eddiespino for helping us to set up our Hive account.


Launch on the Hive blockchain instead :-)


We recently found about Hive. Maybe in the future, there could be some sort of integration or cross-chain features. Let's see how everything evolves.

That would be awesome. If you never heard of it, look at what Splinterlands does with the Hive-Blockchain and other ones (I think Wax is the other one). Hive is a wonderfull place with engaging users, who do like to play games, I can attest to that :o).

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Cool, seen your project before. Nice to see you're active on Hive now too! Any plans on integrating Hive into the game, allowing use of keychain, hive to buy currency anything like that? Or will it completely run on matic and just have a community here?

Hello! Thank you for your kind words! We are still exploring the possibilities. Hive is very new to us, so we cannot say for sure.

Alright, well good to have you onboard here anyway. Take your time exploring. It was very overwhelming for me in the start. But I guess you know a thing or two about blockchain so you'll probably figure it out in due time :-)

Thank you! There are a couple of Hivers helping us set this up, and we will have lots of help to run the community.

Welcome to Hive! Looking forward to see your community here grow and curating rewardworthy content :)

Thank you! We are also looking forward to ways of growing together!

I am glad I found this post, I'm always looking for new games on the blockchain to play. Thank you for introducing yourself and good luck!

Glad you liked it, and thank you for the good wishes!

I like the concept of this game hope to play soon

Hey! Thank you! We will release more updates soon.

ill be waiting

Can I register with Gmail?

Hello! The game is still in the development phase, but you can apply for the whitelist of the public sale by following this link.

The game will use the Polygon (Matic) network, and you can use Metamask or TrustWallet for that.

Awesome! Glad to be part of the team and to help bring the community to Hive! I think this project has a great future.

You are part of the team.. woah!?

Yes, my wife @grisvisa will make some art for the game, and they asked me to help in marketing, so I convinced them to create a Hive community. I will also help with the marketing to Latin America.

amazing! this must be why hive is booming.. no question.

Great to see more games using HIVE and its community power. I just released 1UP, an outpost for blockchain gaming and NFTs today, which will allow everyone posting about Playermon, who uses the #oneup tag in their posts, to earn the ONEUP token. I love the synergy.

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Wow! Thank you for letting us know about the #oneup tag! We will give it a try and promote it with the Playermon community.

Awesome project, guys! Wishing you all the best on this PlayToEarn adventure.

Thanks! 😀

Cant wait for the actual game demo :O!

Soon there will be more info about the game!

Cant wait for the update! :D

Great to see Playermon coming to Hive space and sharing the journey and help players onboard it. The start barrier is the one that simply let's players on the outside, so having such initiatives is mandatory to get more players in the game.

Besides posting about the game, we also plan to make tutorials for people that don't know about Hive. The idea is to have a win-win scenario: have an opportunity to share the game with Hivers and help onboard new users to Hive.

Awesome project looks promissing! With Polygon being your blockchain to mint on are you looking into ways to combine it into other blockchains as well and allow for assets to be moved between them?

The idea is to run the game in Polygon, but we are open to seeing alternatives. We are still learning about Hive and other blockchains, so that it might take some time. We will ask the blockchain developers of Playermon to have a look at the possibilities.

Nice! So will the Hive community be used as the primary community forum?

We are growing a big community in Telegram and Discord, but we plan to use Hive as a place for players to share their experiences and participate in contests, giveaways, etc.

We have been told that the Hive community is very engaging, and we also plan to bring our community here. The idea is to do something similar to Axie Buzz.

Looks and sounds incredible.
I joined the discord and will look into it. Maybe I'll finally be one of the first players in a game, which has potential and explodes along the way.

Hey! Welcome aboard! The game is still in early stages. Soon we will share the updated roadmap.

I'll devoured everything of your listed documents today and I'm feeling extremely bullish. Did my entries for the whitelist as well and now I'm hoping for the best :o).

this looks like an awesome project, the open-world gameplay really got me interested to join 😃 can't wait for the launch of this!

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This looks very cool and right up our street, nice work!

Thank you! Looking forward to sharing more info about the game soon.

sounds great to us! !PIZZA

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Hello, @playermon

This is @fionasfavourites from the @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) curation team. We noticed you shared your first post here on Hive and introduced yourself to the community - congratulations and welcome!

Speaking of community, we have many different ones here on the blockchain, devoted to all kinds of interests. Here's a link so you can check them all out - Hive Communities

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Thank you for the info!