Hivequam - Integrating the Hive blockchain with the Minecraft Creative Server

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I present to you Hivequam - the Hive interface in... Minecraft game!

Yesterday, i.e. April 28, the Creative Minecraft server launched for all users access to a plugin created by me and one of the server administrators - @castro12321 that allows you to interact with the Hive blockchain from within the Minecraft game. is a Minecraft server that has existed for over 9 years (soon we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary), operating on version 1.12.2. The main features of the server are a strong, active community and the goal of providing the greatest possible freedom to people who primarily want to be able to create various, often very complex constructions in Minecraft. A few of these are included in this post below with corresponding links to articles in Hive :-)

Fountain Di Trevi by @mag32387


If you would like to see the first works published using the "Hivequam" plugin, please observe our community here - Aliquam-Hive Community (hive-105271)
Meanwhile, if you are interested in building on the server and publishing your own work, please visit minecraft server - it requires a Minecraft premium account and runs on java 1.12.2.

What is Hivequam Plugin? What is it used for?

Hivequam Plugin allows you to publish a post in the Hive blockchain, which can be viewed in two dimensions (possibly soon even in three). To publish a post with a minecraft construction, the user has to stand next to his creation and type the command /hive publish [name of the construction] - then he will be redirected to a form on the website. Using the form, the user can write the content of the post which will be displayed in the traditional Hive interfaces, but when the post is published, special metadata will also be included which allows the post to be opened on the server by typing /hive open [username] [title] or to be selected from a moderated list of available builds using the /hive list command.

At the moment the plugin has a post viewer, game level moderation tools, publishing and editing tools, however utilities such as voting and commenting posts will appear soon :)

An additional feature that remains in the realm of imminent plans is a tool for viewing constructions from the server from the internet browser level - for example, press on the following link showing the construction of @gigeno - Villa Regia:

Press me to see Villa Regia by @gigeno in app

Villa Regia by @gigeno


All information about the work on improving the plugin will periodically appear on the account, so we encourage you to follow both our community and this account. We want our plugin to provide a connection between the Hive community and the Aliquam community, so we encourage both sides to be as active as possible, Hive users to visit the server and see the builds with their own eyes and to build their own, and builders to post, for example, work reports on their projects in the form of blogs. The feature of creating updated posts about the same project is currently under testing - it will allow builders to be more active on Hive and keep in touch with people interested in their projects, which will soon be available to everyone.

Mediterranean town "Gata" by @deadlyhunter


For more information, feel free to contact me (@Santarius) at and our Discord: takes a 15% beneficiary from each post published by the app. At the moment the plugin is only available on the server and there are no plans to make it available for other servers (although technically it is possible, we will decide about the development in the future).

Thanks again to @Castro12321 and @Feriach for their willingness to work with me and help create the plugin, and to @gigeno for organizing the Hive meeting for Aliquam developers :-)

Dorotan Castle by @epibreerder


So see you on and in future updates about the project :-)



To not spoil the composition of the post I will just show you here what an "open post" looks like on the server :)



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This is what deserves to be a real NFT, not just some tweets or memes. Respect !!!

Link to vote for @cranium as a witness

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Really cool, people are so innovative and creative. I love this platform so much because you get exposed to interesting things that you would not normally come across.