My passion for creating beautiful structures in Minecraft- Aladdin Palace

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Aladdin Palace
The most mysterious place on entire desert. You can't miss to visit it by yourself.

Looks great! right?

Why did I build it?

Well, it's really simple. This mysterious palace was built for a competition organized by the most popular youtuber in Poland. I also really enjoy building in minecraft so this was a lot of fun. Everything here is inspired from the newest Aladdin movie from 2019. This isn’t a 1:1 replica of the palace seen in movie but rather only my own take on how it to could look in minecraft.

out of many contestants I awarded a 2nd place, you can check out the winning submissions here

My project can be viewed on - Minecraft creative server. Just type in /hive list and you will able to teleport and see my build.

How long it took to build?
This was really tough time for me. I've been building it for 5-6 hours per day for 11 days.
I joined to the competition too late so I had to hurry up. I struggeled, but it all paid out at the end.

It looks really fancy outside
and on the inside


More screenshots
More screenshots

About me
Daily I am a youtuber with over 100k subscribers, Making videos has been my hobby for a while now. I really enjoy building in Minecraft. As a kid I was a big fan of LEGO. I guess that building blocks later turned out to be my hook for getting into Minecraft but playing video games is not my only passion. I am really into figure skating. I am training since the young age, I have been already to a few contests and even regional championships and I think I am quite good at it.

If you are interested more in what I am doing don't hesitate to ask In the comments, I would be glad to asnwer to your most burning questions.

Stay tuned for more :D


Hello @inarek, welcome to Hive :-)

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Oh, and good luck on Hive. Don't be spoiled by first success (beginner's luck, LOL), people are really impressed with this wave of amazing Minecraft related art creations around here, but usually gaining an audience and keeping up engagement here is sweat, blood and tears ;-)

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Welcome inarek!
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Is this smartwatch at least decent? :P Does it show the right time?

I've seen this place a few times, but never noticed that I can go inside :P

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That palace looks amazing, great work! 👀👍