“Back to the Source, Asian Fawnlily 原点回帰 カタクリの花” Cut Paper Art 切り絵

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“Back to the Source, Asian Fawnlily”

Since I started staying home, I had stopped creating cut paper art. Finally, I created one simple cut paper art. I created the Asian Fawnlily which is called Katakuri in Japanese.

My mother shared a photo of Katakuri flowers with me. She saw Katakuri flowers blooming in her garden. These Katakuri flowers were planted by my father and grandmother. They got them from the mountains and transplanted them to their garden a long time ago. My father passed away over 20 years ago. My mother and I felt my father’s energy through these flowers.

One of the Katakuri flowers’ meaning is “first love.” I thought this message was definitely from my father to my mother! Then, I wanted to create a cut paper art of Katakuri flowers. It took almost a month to complete. I decided to do a standard black cut paper art style. I wanted to go back to the source.







About Asian Fawnlily カタクリについてはコチラ: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erythronium_japonicum

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