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Fresh off the press, feel free to use this banner anywhere on (other) Social Media Platforms.




Bloggers, Writers, Content Creators, Social Media Heads

Recommended Placements:

Share everywhere! 😃👍

The dimensions are 480x425. Not standard. Peakd and other interfaces edit/optimize img uploads; to render HD use within a correct standard ad-sized div on your website or scale to fit on your end, sorry 🙂.

This banner may not be safe when running FB/IG (paid) ads due to the amount of text, but I haven't tested them (yet).

It should be fine with paid Twitter ads.


This ad set was created specifically for our HIVE Giveaways on Twitter and for use on It's available and more, in the Hive Ad-bank Community.

Giveaways are sponsored by and the

If you want one (or more) of these custom-made Hive Adverts for your HIVE related project, hit me up.

Peace ✌️

PS: Buy the dip. 👊😉


Thank you for the banner and for the Twitter reward in my wallet. 🙌

No probs, if you make a post on we'll send you another Hive tip!

@donald.porter thank you so much!
Here is my first post that I will tweet now and call people in

With appreciation,


Your post is reblogged and upvoted by me. It is a good post. Thank you @donald.porter

ok this i a godo community but i realy need to eietrh ask u to change it so we can USE IT TO PAY peopel for this ide aor ill have to make my own

but id rather use yorus save 3 hive and consolidate with ur users


can u edit your community so it says "Register and apply tfor $1 a day to post hive car sticker in populated dense areas and $1 a day for wearing Hive t shirt $10 an hour for hoplding a hive sign in large us cityes"

i wanna do this @donald.porter lets work on this togetehr so i dont ahve to amke yet anotehr community no one will use, lets just use yours

anmd lets make yours all ab out not only uploading hive ads but PROMOTING THEM and doing my 3 option approach

  1. $10 an hour to hold a hive sign fo 1 hour in MAJOR us city on populated road area predetermined like if yore in NYC you need to go to timesquare or somewhere equally as accesible and popular,
    and prove it on hive, hold an actual hive signand post vieso or image sto prove an hour standing and actualy listening to music holding a home madd oe4r requested free hive sign

  2. wear a hive t shirt walk aroudn for 1 hour a day get $1

and 3. $1 a day for hive car sticker (or more but thats all just paid out in tips and upvoptes from hivedaoa nd some hive users whale si knwo whove pledges top this project so far)

wearing a hive shirt for 1 hr a day probly will get you a $1 in upvotes tho everyday if u post evidence of it basically

eventually peopel will see it as an investment to buy a hive t shirts, stickers or even big printed out sign or make it with crayons and cardboard themselves, and well end up with peopel buying their hive promo kids making money to pay it bacjk on hive and it will be beautiful