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This is an official letter of the HiveNaija to keep the members and intending members up to date with the HiveNaija community. Please endeavor to read to the end so as not to miss important information.

Contents of this Newsletter:

  1. Rules

  2. Roles in the HiveNaija community

  3. HiveNaija Monthly meetings

  4. Prompt of the Week

  5. Join the Trail


The HiveNaija Community had wanted to create an atmosphere of acceptance to all members/intending members which resulted to not issuing so many complicated rules.

We, however, have noticed the lack of effort by some participants in the community. This affects the community in more ways than one. We all want the HiveNaija community to grow and surpass expectations, but this would require all hands on deck. So with immediate effect, the following rules would be implemented in the community.

I. No Plagiarism: Unfortunately, we have come across some plagiarized content in the HiveNaija. This doesn't speak well of a person or even a community. Moving forward, anyone caught in the act would be immediately muted from the community.

II. No Spam: Spam wouldn't be tolerated in the community. Spammers would be muted from the community with immediate effect.

III. No low effort posts: We do understand that sometimes, inspiration may be lacking and as a result birth questionable publications. We would advise that you take a day or two off and come back with a well detailed, structured and sourced post for your sake, that of the community and all those in it. Also, low effort posts (as of today), run the risk of not being seen by Curators especially in regards to the weekly prompt.

IV. Proper Sourcing: The HiveNaija is well aware of the reference options especially when quoting a favorite philosopher or musician. We also do know that proper citing frees every author from avoidable problems:

i. You can use the ">" to quote another author/writer making sure to give credit to whom it is due.

ii. Copyright free pictures are preferably best when making any publication in the HiveNaija or other communities. This rule is generally applied on Hive and stands to abate copyright infringement policies. Therefore, you can search the following sites for free pictures:





Please note that sourcing is still important; be it your own image or images gotten from any of the sites above. For those who have no idea, you can source like this:

[Link] (text).

V. Prompt rules: In every new prompt, there are rules stipulated for the members to follow to qualify in the contest:

  • Create a video or write-up where you talk about the prompt.

  • Include #hivenaijaweekly as your first tag to make it easy to find you.

  • Post a link to your entry as a comment in this post.

  • Engage with other content from other authors.

  • You must follow the curation trail.

HiveNaija Membership roles

We would be issuing membership badges to those who'd adhere to the rules. The HiveNaija community is for everyone; Nigerian or not.

The aim of the community is to bring the Naija experience to Hive. We get to see the world from the Nigerian perspective, share in the moments of joy or pangs of pain.

Of course, the issuing of Membership badges has already begun!

HiveNaija Meetings

Previously, the HiveNaija had meetings every Sunday on Telegram to engage and get to know its community members. The reason for this meeting was to create an atmosphere of togetherness for all members; bringing them closer to each other. Due to some circumstances, it was suspended. However, we are pleased to announce it's resumption plus some modifications.

The HiveNaija Meetings tagged "2geda Naija" would hold every last Sundays of the month on Discord by 6pm. In this meeting, we'd get to know each other, talk about our various Hive experiences, testimonies, present our difficulties and put our heads 2geda for solutions. There'll also be fun and games. Join our Discord

Prompt for the Week

It was a trend on Twitter that had many individuals clamoring to input their opinions. So, we want to hear YOUR thoughts Hive Nigerians. What do you think in regards to privacy in relationships? Is it okay for partners to go through each others phone? Does keeping your phone away from partner spell infidelity? Or are these just thoughts of an insecure body in the relationship? Let us READ your thoughts.

As always:

  • Have fun with your post title

  • Feel free to pick any day of the week for the post

  • Share your post in the HiveNaija community.

  • Don't forget to post it on Twitter and other social media and tag #hivenaija


The reward for this week is sponsored by @belemo. 6 Hive will be shared among the 3 best authors of the week.

1st position - 3 Hive

2nd position - 2 Hive

3rd position - 1 Hive





Join the Curation Trail

If you like our work, please support this project by delegating Hive Power to @hive-naija or you can join our curation trail.

The benefits of the curation trail

Although it does help the community to make an impact, it's also a great way to earn Curation rewards. The Curation rewards are returns in investment for every individual who joins one.

Click HERE to join the curation trail or you can delegate to @hive-naija.

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All the rules noted. Looking forward to taking part in this week's prompt 😀.

This is my entry for this work prompt, it is a beautiful topic I am always willing to talk about due the impact on many relationship.

I will try to participate , this is an interesting issue to deliberate on

Tried doing justice to this fun topic. Hope you guys enjoy reading it

It was link to make a collage contest you posted here

Lol. Thank you so much. Was a mistake

This is my entry. I hope you enjoy what you read.

This is an interesting topic, but am new here and would love to drop my Introductory post before writing on the prompt.
Here is the link to my Introductory post.

Wao this is an interesting topic to talk about i also appreciate the community as a whole @hive-naija