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This is the official newsletter of the Hive Naija Community. In our newsletters, we will be highlighting the top 3 on the Hive Naija community based on the weekly prompts we put out and give out prizes.

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The Hive Naija Community aims to give rise to a lot of valuable content posted by not only Nigerians but all members of the community. This is a means of creating exposure as well as rewarding authors for their effort in putting out great content.

It was quite the experience reading the carefully thought out work put in by members of the community. We encourage you to check out and engage these posts.

Here are the highlights of the week:

Dream Locations by @madamnaomi

Ahhhh, Paris. The city of Love!😇. Paris is the capital of France, it is also known as the Latin Quarter. Well I’ve always dreamed of going there. I would love to go there with a partner since it’s the city of love but even if I don’t have one yet I could still go. Who knows? I might meet someone there, after all it’s the city of Love.

This was a beautiful entry as the images took us on a trip. The author clearly loves the good life and who wouldn't? It was a breath of fresh air going through this entry, you should definitely check it out and add these places to your bucket list.

Top 3 Places I wish to Visit in the world by @dwixer

Its sad that I'm aloof when it comes to wishes, especially about visiting new places. If it doesn't hold great meaning or mystery, it doesn't interest me. I just live and sometimes it makes me wonder why what interests people makes me indifferent. I had to crack my little brain for hours and I came up with three places I probably wish to visit and for different reasons.

Dwixer talks about being rich and visiting these really beautiful places for their history, food, and the fact that it's just a rich people thing to We hope you get that money sooner though!

That's it folks! Although we didn't have a lot of engagement for this particular prompt, we are grateful to the participants for their entries and we look forward to more engagement from members and non-members.


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