Hive Openmic Community. Week #191, cover of "I will always love you" by @adyma

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Hi everyone, welcome to Hive Openmic week #191, I'm @adyma
For this week, I will be doing a song by Whitney Houston titled "I will always love you"

I thought of a song to present for this week's theme "Beautiful pets" then I remembered this sweet song that I like singing when my dog was sown out.
My dog's name was lucky, Lucky stayed with us for a year and six months and she became my closet friend to a point that she would want to follow me to everywhere I would go both to church, school, peer gathering and even to the farm.

I enjoyed my Dogs company, whenever I'm bored, I play with my dog, we were close to an extent that she would always want to be around me. Her company kept me going though some of siblings didn't like her because they don't like dogs, stating that dogs steal a lot so they wouldn't let her close to them. One day their thoughts came to pass.

It was on my brother's birthday, my mother had gone to the market to get food stuffs for the house and also many meats for my brother's birthday celebration. We started preparing the items for food including the meat my mom bought. A few moments later, an emergency occured we ran out to attend to it. Coming back Lucky finished the whole meat in the pot. My mom was so angry that she intended selling the dog even after beating.

I cried 😭😭 as my pet will be taken away, I pleaded and pleaded but all to no avail. Until that faithful day when I came back from school and realized that they have sown the dog, I burst into tears. I starting singing this song for her "I will always love you" I mourned for weeks and later decided to let go. Things are meant to come and go.
I decided to share this song with us, I hope will enjoy.

Song lyrics

I Will Always Love You"

(originally by Dolly Parton)
(from "The Bodyguard" soundtrack)

If I should stay
I would only be in your way
So I'll go but I know
I'll think of you every step of the way

And I will always love you
I will always love you
My darling, you

Bittersweet memories –
That is all I'm taking with me
So good-bye
Please don't cry:
We both know I'm not what you, you need

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oh, that was a sad story of yours :( but you are singing this song so nicely. I always remember Whitney Houston because of this song

Dear Friend, how sad about your pet. Thank you for sharing this beautiful classic. I have always loved Whitney Houston since the movie "The Bodyguard." I congratulate you on your interpretation. You've done a good job.

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

Wow I love this, you sing so beautifully @adyma it's not an easy song but you made it sound really easy 😍

Sorry about your dog that was taken away from you 🥲

Thank you dear
I really appreciate

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I have never been attached to a pet, I am scared of dogs well I do admire from afar. I can't get enough of your singing it's so calm and relaxing

Thanks dear 🥰

My baby be doing wonders again 🥰. Now i have to always be constant with listening to sweet voice everytime😘😘

Are you on discord??

No dear

You should try and get discord so you can connect your hive account too there to get update about hive

Okay baby
Thanks 🥰

And i will teach how to do it and enlighten you on some things

Awwnn 🥰
Thanks baby 🥰

Thanks baby 🥰🥰

Thank you for joining Hive Open mic with a song about your beautiful pet, Lucky!

Thank you
For visiting my blog

Great song choice for this week✨

Thank you
I really appreciate

Hi beautiful ♥ what a pleasure to see your interpretation, believe me I loved it! You have done an excellent job with your beautiful voice God bless you a big hug!

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

Lovely voice. I love your presentation. I’m a big fan of Whitney and this is one of my favorites.🥰🥹

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

Wow, this was nice. I followed up to where you were to sing the chorus after the first verse and the way you paused I was so sure you would go off-key but you surprised me, and the backing track coming in just made it more beautiful.... My first time visiting your blog but bravo my dear

Thank you for the compliment and thanks for visiting my blog

That was sensational and amazing 😍. Please I need a voice coach.

Thanks dear

Amiga @adyma siento tristeza por lo que le pasó a tu perra, pero en medio de todo da gracias a Dios el tiempo que estuvo contigo. Excelente interpretación, es una canción muy exigente sin embargo estuviste a la altura de la misma. Bendiciones y Feliz 🎄🙏🥰👏👏👏☺️🐕🤗🌹🎤❤️💚💞

Friend @adyma I feel sad for what happened to your dog, but in the midst of everything, thank God for the time she was with you. Excellent performance, it is a very demanding song, however you lived up to it. Blessings and Happy 🎄🙏 👏👏👏☺️🐕🤗🌹🎤❤️💚💞

Thank you so much
I really appreciate