' If one day ' Faramarz Aslani / Cover By: @arman10 and @discouragedones

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Hello to friends and companions of this good network
I hope your life flows like music and you are in a great mood
After the group practice session, my friend and I performed a famous and memorable song that will never be repeated
With the name, if you go on a trip one day
This song is by the well-known Iranian singer Mr. Faramarz Aslani, which is sung in a pop style with a striking difference, which is performed by most singers and people all the time.
I hope you will also enjoy watching me and my dear friend perform
Have some fun
We will be happy if you help us in watching and feedback this video and write us your opinion
Many thanks to the Open Mike Network and you dear ones

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Hello friends, it's good to see you, and your talent is appreciated. A little suggestion remember to post the current week and please write a little about what inspires this song. Thank you for your participation You are really awesome and we hope you keep bringing your talent.

It makes me happy and satisfied that you wrote this comment for me. I will definitely do this. Again, thank you for your support my friend 🎼❤

Nice melody and good performance

Tank you so much my brother 🎼🕴❤

Dude, I love the music you play, I'm so interested, it will be nice if you could put the lyrics the next time! gorgeous man, thanks for sharing! (I loved how the song became so smooth in the 2nd minute)

Thank you for your opinion, dear friend, it is an honor that you like it, we will be happy to support us again ❤

I like! 👏