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[PT] E, aí HiveOpenMic!

Boa tarde amigos, durante uma semana preparei esse som para postar no tema beatiful pets mas como já entramos no tema Grateful decidi postar assim mesmo.

Esse som é inspirado num sentimento de desagrado. A partir de um desentendimento com uma pessoa que eu considerava amigo. As ofensas são só um jeito divertido de lidar com a situação. Eu não estou realmente magoado nem nada do tipo, mas é incrível como nos surpreendemos com as pessoas.

A reflexão que fica hoje é que ajudar ao próximo será sempre benefíco para você mesmo, desde que feito de coração. Faça por amor mas não espere o mesmo do próximo. Nem todos farão da mesma forma.

[EN] Wazz Up HiveOpenMic!

Good afternoon friends, for a week I prepared this sound to post on the beatiful pets theme but as we have already entered the Grateful theme I decided to post it anyway.

This sound is inspired by a feeling of displeasure. From a disagreement with a person I considered a friend. Offenses are just a fun way to deal with the situation. I'm not really hurt or anything, but it's amazing how surprised we are by people.

Today's reflection is that helping others will always be beneficial for yourself, as long as it is done from the heart. Do it for love but don't expect the same from others. Not everyone will do it the same way.

[ES] ¡Hola HiveOpenMic!

Buenas tardes amigos, desde hace una semana preparé este sonido para publicar sobre el tema de mascotas hermosas pero como ya entramos al tema Agradecido decidí publicarlo de todas formas.

Este sonido está inspirado en un sentimiento de disgusto. De un desacuerdo con una persona a la que consideraba amiga. Las ofensas son sólo una forma divertida de afrontar la situación. Realmente no estoy herido ni nada por el estilo, pero es sorprendente lo sorprendidos que estamos por la gente.

La reflexión de hoy es que ayudar a los demás siempre será beneficioso para uno mismo, siempre y cuando se haga desde el corazón. Hazlo por amor pero no esperes lo mismo de los demás. No todos lo harán de la misma manera.


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Bem-vindo ao Universo BoelterMc. Eu sou seu criptotrapper favorito. Tenho conhecimento geral no mundo da Web3. Atualmente criador de conteúdo em tempo integral na HiveBlockchain. Trabalho com uns amigos super degenerados direto daqui do Rio de Janeiro. Estou sempre procurando um trabalho fixo on chain, se souber de algo estou pronto para ser builder ou manager da sua comunidade. Me chame para novos projetos!

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A different sound, but not out of your style. I'm so glad you found a space to express your art at the Hive Open Mic bro. Not the theme of the week, but good to know you had something prepared regarding the Beautiful Pets theme which was great. Thanks for being here, I'm sending you a hug!...

thank you friend. I spent a long time creating something original during Beatiful Pets week and only finished the sound yesterday. When I went to post today there was already the new theme. Well, even if it's Grateful I think it fits well. Even expressing opposite.

Your comment is always welcome, have a great week!


Wonderful content indeed.
This is lovely ❤️

Thank you dear, I'm very happy that you took the time to watch and comment!

You're welcome 😊

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brutalisimo hermano.

gracias mi amigo

Tenga una optima semana

I just got to hear of the pit bull dog and I also read about it. I got to know that it's a very dangerous dog.

Well, that's aside, you often give yourself in your presentations and I love the passion. Nice post brother.

Pitbull is only dangerous if not treated well.

I've had 4 pitbulls at once, and they are adorable, very companionable and love children.

Yes, I let 40 kg pitbulls play with the children, and I never had any problems.

So glad you stopped by my friend.

''Aggressive Pitbull'' is more of an aesthetic joke than a statement. In this case, in my song I say that the noise of the ak47 is making my pitbull aggressive, but it's just a joke haha lol.

I really love it here, it's great to be recognized for your dedication. A big hug brother!


Oh, now I know better.i have never had it but only heard

U2lc bro.

I absolutely agree, we should help others from the heart without expecting the same from them.
I liked this energetic rendition you've brought this week.

Thank you my dear. I love expressing my feelings, good or bad, and turning them into music. It's a way to relieve any emotion.

Thanks for visiting, I'm always very happy.


Man, you are the man of flow, you have talent and power brother, don't doubt it 🌟🌟 !

Aulas cria!

Tu é dos nossos, obrigado pelo apoio!

Vamo que vamo, naquele pique!


Love the studio layout. Great track, even though I have no idea what you are saying, haha.

Broski, I try to bring some of my feelings when writing in the text. But I don't know if I'm very clear. It's difficult to translate the lyrics of the song because of the slang. But maybe it's a good idea to try. Or bring some originals in English.

LOL, no worries! Would love to hear some English originals though. Hive has a big Spanish speaking music community so I am used to not understanding lyrics, haha. As an engineer, I listen to melody, harmony, the music, the mix, etc anyway so it's no big deal. I am a big metal fan too and I can't understand most of the lyrics in English, lol, so it's all good, haha.

este trap brasilero lo que esta es candela on fire!
I like this one!

¡gracias mi amigo!

¡Siempre trato de hacer lo mejor que puedo!

Es un honor que te guste mi trap brasileño.

tu eres el hombre

yeah lml
Im uploading my openmic today, some freak drumzzzzz

looking forward to it ma g

Yeah thanks a Lot bro

It's ready