Hive Open Mic Week 121: Amor de Familia- "Ode to My Family" cover by @erikasue

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**Hive Open Mic Week 121: Amor de Familia

Hello everyone! I'm so excited for this week's Hive Open Mic as the theme is about Amor de Familia or Family Love. I love this topic as I love my family so much. They are my source of strength every time I feel weak. They are my sunshine when my world is gloomy. They are my number one supporter in terms of reaching my dreams in life. They are the best thing that God has given to me and with that, I am grateful for Him.

So for today's open mic, I chose the song "Ode to My Family" in the style of the Cranberries. As I was searching about what the song is all about, I realized that the person expressing in the song is a singer who pursued her singing journey. She wrote the song because she missed her family. She was pursuing her dream though. After understanding the song, I realized that what the person in the song was doing was showing family love. Family love in a way that she wrote and sang a song dedicated to her family because she missed them.

In life, we inevitably miss our family especially when we are away from them. Sometimes, we may feel as if they still care especially when things get hectic, but I believe that our families will always be there for us. They are there supporting us and loving us in silence. So, we should be grateful for our families. Even though sometimes there will be conflict, we should still be thankful for those as they could make our bond stronger sometimes.

By the way, here's a part of the song's lyrics. If you want to find the full lyrics, you make check it here

Ode to My Family by The Cranberries

Understand the things I say
Don't turn away from me
'Cause I spent half my life out there
You wouldn't disagree

D'you, see me?
D'you see?
Do you like me?
Do you like me standing there?
D'you notice?
D'you know?
Do you see me?
Do you see me?
Does anyone care?

Where's when I was young
And we didn't give a d***
'Cause we were raised
To see life as fun
And take it if we can

My mother
My mother, she'd hold me
She'd hold me
When I was out there
My father
My father, liked me
Oh, he liked me
Does anyone care?

Karaoke Source

Family is love indeed. We should cherish them while they are still here. It's inevitable to have conflict with them, but at the end of the day, we know that they are the ones that will be there for us no matter what happen. With that, we should be thankful to have them in our lives.

Thank you so much for listening! Have a great day everyone!

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Oh, that is a very good choice for this week!! Cool to listen to The Cranberries in Hive Open Mic!!


Thank you so much @mipiano 🥰🥰💕✨ Glad you love the Cranberries too ❤❤❤

I do! 😎

love this! @erikasue ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much chichi ❤❤❤

Wow.. You made me remember my mother who is no longer with me. She loved The Cranberries. It was a beautiful performance. Thank you for sharing it with us.

So sorry to hear that oswaldotorres 🥺 Anyway, thank you so much for your compliments ✨ I appreciate it so much ❤❤

You are amazing. This is my favorite song

Thank you so much for such compliment 🥺🥰✨ I appreciate it a lot! ❤❤❤ And it's your fave song too, awieee 💕

You have a beautyful voice and beauty face.

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Thank you so much hivebuzz ❤❤😍✨

Wow, two badges in a row, that's awesome @erikasue! 🎉

Wonderful performance darling. You're doing fantastic

Thank you so much david for your kind words ❤❤❤

Dear @erikasue Your song choice is perfect for the theme of the week and you have delivered the song perfectly!
I also share in your idea that family can be a source of strength when we are down or sunshine when we are gloomy! I have had a similar experience and I can say that my family has been there for me!
Thanks for this wonderful presentation!! Ciao!!

I am truly grateful with these heartwarming words from you magicfingerz ❤🥰✨ I appreciate is so much 💕 I just watched your performance too and it was magnificent ❤ You are so amazing ✨

You are welcome dear. Have a nice day!

Wow... This is really amazing, your voice is just so unique and pleasant to the ear.
I must confess your voice is captivating. Good job dear friend.

Thanks a lot sholex for these compliments from you ❤❤ Know that I appreciate your time watching my performance and leaving wonderful words for me 🥰🥰✨

You're always welcome dear friend.

Very good choice for this initiative!

Thank you so much mirey ❤❤❤

I love the Cranberries!!!
Galing ni ate.
I care!!!! Hooray to your singing.
See you around po.
Love Love,

Thank you so much sis ❤❤❤And nice meeting you here as well 🥰✨ See you around ❤

hiiii @erikasu we have the same hobby in the world of singing, your voice is very melodious, you are very suitable to bring this song, your vocal color is very good
greetings from @wien-art

Galinnggggg 😍😍😍

Hi @erikasue. It's a great choice of song. I love the songs performed by The Cranberries. But your version is awesome. I really enjoy your singing. Good job Erika

lupet naman nyarn.
curious, is your microphone a BM-800?

Wow kanindot sa tingog ba. Sanaol sis! One of the best song sa kapanahunan nko hehehe. Love it!

Cantas muy hermoso 🤩
Gracias por compartir con nosotros tu hermoso talento 🤗🤩☺️