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Good afternoon friends of #hive, I hope you are in the best possible way.

Today I want to share with you another video that belongs to what we called the afternoons of "Jam Friends". This I used to do together with two great friends that you could see in the previous post, Elvis Amaya and Juan Navarro, they are two great musicians with a unique vision and perspective, from whom I learned a lot and from whom I would continue to learn.

They both have great qualities, Elvis is a drummer with an impressive musical reading, he has a very good first sight, he is very precise but he also has a lot of knowledge of harmony, he plays the piano and guitar well, so I think that gives him a plus amazing.

The case of Juan Navarro is not the exception, Juan for me is the best jazz guitarist I have ever met, jazz is undoubtedly his strength, both on guitar and piano, he has too broad a harmonic knowledge, apart to have an impressive taste. They are undoubtedly talents that are lost from sight.

On this occasion, Elvis and I only improvised, since our friend Juan Navarro had already started his journey to Atlanta. I know that these videos will bring back good memories, and do not lose faith to find us again and continue with more evenings of "Jam Friends".

I hope you enjoy it.


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Se escucha muy bien 🎸🥁 que continúen los éxitos y cada día sean mejores.

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