Openmic 146 - lorenzo pistolesi with a cello improvvisation for italian hive funky style

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Here my entry for Openmic 146 - Uniti

This song it is about the moments where you think it is over, but it is the beginning.
where you think it is finish, but it is starting. I was missing this contest for so long time.
It is like the story of the warm, who believe that world is ending, but the world called butterfly. We are the people, unidos, unito, the world always start from scratch.

I used the cello because we can use as a guitar and it can give some great groove moods.

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I didn't know you could play the cello like that! 😄

Ciao Lorenzo! love your energy and originality my friend. Loved your entry to HIVE Open Mic #146. keep 'em coming!

Grazie fratello, cello is a guitar😀

I really wish I could play the strings also I really love the pleasant sound it brings

Indeed, very jazzy

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