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Humble greetings to everyone here in the community and also happy new week yo great authors on here. The music life in the community continues as a new theme for the week have been dropped for authors to check out and use for their entry which serve as direction and guide to know what to do. So for this we are dwelling on the theme which one of us in the community has chosen, our spotlight artist for the week which we are currently #174 is @gloriaolar who have been a greater author and also a contributor in the community for time past.


The theme for the week is Beacon of light and this really is talking generally about light without beating around the bush, i didn't take a long while before deciding what song i will use for my own entry since it is talking about light. The title of my own entry is "light to my feet". What does the really means, it is talking about the word which bible and it serves as light and direction to the path which people dwell on.

The word serves as a great guide and this song is usually taken during the sunday school class before the real program and service start which is as a preparation of heart beforehand. I hope you enjoy the video, thanks so much for stopping by.


Wonderful Word of Mighty God Thy Word is a lamp to my feet Thy Word is a light to my way Spirit of God, my Teacher be Through-out the Sunday School of today Teach me, O Lord, I pray.

  1. Teach me, O Lord, Thy truth to know Open my heart, O Lord, I pray, Help me to understand Thy Word, Teach me, I would be whol-ly Thine.
  2. Teach me, O Lord, Thy way to know That I may never go astray, Purge me from sin, O Lord, I pray Teach me, I would be whol-ly Thine.
  3. Teach me, O Lord, nearer to Thee, Let me move closer to Your side, Oh, daily let me walk with Thee, Teach me, I would be whol-ly Thine.
  4. Teach me, O Lord, Thy will to know To do Thy will from day to day, More of Your love to others show, Teach me, I would be whol-ly Thine.


Humildes saludos a todos aquí en la comunidad y también feliz semana nueva yo grandes autores aquí. La vida de la música en la comunidad continúa como un nuevo tema para la semana se han caído para los autores para comprobar y utilizar para su entrada que sirven como dirección y guía para saber qué hacer. Así que para esto estamos morando en el tema que uno de nosotros en la comunidad ha elegido, nuestro artista spotlight para la semana que estamos actualmente #174 es @gloriaolar que han sido un gran autor y también un contribuyente en la comunidad para el tiempo pasado.


El tema de la semana es Faro de luz y esto realmente está hablando en general acerca de la luz sin andarse por las ramas, no me tomó mucho tiempo antes de decidir qué canción voy a utilizar para mi propia entrada, ya que está hablando de la luz. El título de mi canción es "Luz a mis pies". Lo que realmente significa es que se refiere a la palabra de la Biblia, que sirve de luz y dirección en el camino que recorre la gente.

La palabra sirve como una gran guía y esta canción se toma generalmente durante la clase de escuela dominical antes de que el programa real y el servicio de inicio que es como una preparación del corazón de antemano. Espero que disfruten el video, muchas gracias por visitarnos.


Maravillosa Palabra de Dios Poderoso Tu Palabra es una lámpara para mis pies Tu Palabra es una luz para mi camino Espíritu de Dios, mi Maestro sé A través de la Escuela Dominical de hoy Enséñame, oh Señor, te lo ruego.

  1. Enséñame, oh Señor, Tu verdad a conocer Abre mi corazón, oh Señor, te lo ruego, Ayúdame a entender Tu Palabra, Enséñame a ser totalmente Tuyo.
    1. Enséñame, Señor, a conocer Tu camino Para que nunca me extravíe, Purifícame del pecado, Señor, te lo ruego Enséñame a ser totalmente Tuyo.
  2. Enséñame, oh Señor, más cerca de Ti, Déjame acercarme más a Tu lado, Oh, cada día déjame caminar contigo, Enséñame, quiero ser totalmente Tuyo.
  3. Enséñame, oh Señor, a conocer Tu voluntad, A hacer Tu voluntad día a día, A mostrar más de Tu amor a los demás, Enséñame a ser totalmente Tuyo.

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This is amazing dear
Keep up 👍

Thank you one million times🤗🤗

Yayss, one of the most beautiful hillsongs I would like to listen. 🥰

Thanks so much for the comment 😊

Congratulations my friend @mayorkeys excelente you presentation

who have been a greater author and also a contributor in the community for time past.

Awww, thank you so much dear. You won't to make my head swell now.🙈🙈🙈

I love love love your presentation and your interpretation. God is the Ultimate Beacon of Light and this song did justice to the theme. You are so talented and I love that about it.


Thank you so much. I saw a great author comment on my post, wow i don make am🤗🤗🤗

It is nice to see that many of our colleagues have dedicated this week to God, this melody immersed me in an atmosphere of peace and deep personal reflection, you have made a beautiful presentation with your voice and your instrument.

Thank you so much, the light as a topic which surely make people dedicate it to God. Thanks for stopping by

Of lay lay...
Mayor of Lay lay.. I see what you are doing.
Well-done gee!

My brother, i hail thee oooooo

Hi @mayorkeys, been a while! The word (Bible) indeed is a light to our path and I love how you sang this in Yoruba. It is always a popular song in Sunday School, especially in my family church- ECWA.
Good one 👏

Same here jare, been a while oo. Do they sing it in ecwa also?

Yes, they do. Majorly for Sunday school teaching.

This has definitely been one of your best posts for this community, singing and seeing you smile is magical and goes with the atmosphere you create with your keyboard, congratulations brother...

I am just hoping for another we will do music together like we did then🤭🤭