Hive Open Mic 174 - "Only Hope By Mandy Moore" Cover

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Hello Hive Open Mic community and my fellow music singers!
It's another week with a beautiful theme and I'm happy to be here once again to share my song cover for the selected theme by our spotlight artist @gloriaolar

I love the inspiration I got through this theme and I can only thank our spotlight artist for choosing it, to think that I just saw a movie this song was sang in and I saw the theme, I concluded immediately that I'll learn the song for this theme.

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I'm so excited to be here with the cover of the song titled "Only Hope" by "Mandy Moore" from the movie "A Walk To Remember" for the theme of this week "Beacon of Light".

The movie is an old one and same goes with the song, but when I first listened to it, it was all new and amazing to my ears. The lyrics are so beautiful and inspiring as it reflects Hope, what I see as a beacon of light.

Imagine being in a dark place for long and a light comes through the window, hope is born, doesn't it?

I thought same too when I saw the theme and listened to this song. The lady sang the song so beautifully and a guy is inspired to become a better person as he watches her sing. The song is hope, it is love and it is inspiring to any who would let it be that way. I made a full review of the song here if you'd like to read it too.

Do listen to the cover and let me know what you think about it's connection to the theme and my presentation. I hope to see you all next week again in the next theme. I appreciate the support as always 💯

Song Lyrics

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Why have such a beautiful voice?🥺🥺🥺 I cam listen to you sing all day. You are super gifted my love.

I totally agree with you. Hope for a better tomorrow can be inspiring and change our lives for the better. An hopeless person is more or less like a lifeless person. Hope is an amazing Beacon of light. I love the song, its amazing. I'm sure I'm gonna download it after this.

Great presentation.

Awww Glory 🥺
Your words are making me blush 🤗
Thank you so much sis.

I hope you have it downloaded, it's a beautiful song really!

Wow, now this is awesomely awesome 😎👍
Nice song Extract from a calm and lovely this music is. Seems you watch movies daily?

Haha daily? Nah, but I do watch movies a lot 😅
Thanks momma

Beautiful voice and music! Congrats. (:

Merit you are singing very well. You each word is full of hope like your cover title only hope 💜.

Yeah, glad you enjoyed it Aslam 🤗

The way you say "hello.." at the beginning is kind of alluring 😍😊
This a cool song of hope 👌
The lyrics are beautiful and inspiring too.

Imagine being in a dark place for long and a light comes through the window, hope is born, doesn't it?

Just imagine how lucky and favoured you would be experiencing this moment. That is how hope is so powerful. Having the hope that things will get better is the best 👌

Kudos to your voice 👏 🙌

Lol my hello is sounding romantic abi 🥴
The lyrics are really inspiring 💯
Glad you enjoyed it, thanks sis ♥️

You know that too? Sounds romantic 😍
You are welcome

Lol I nor know o 🤣

Beautiful rendition friend,
You did great in your presentation
Bravo 👏
Weldon ma

This is really an amazing presentation. I love the song actually

Glad you love the song, thanks

Wow this is absolutely brilliant, it was as if I'm listening to studio work. 😃
Good job dear. 👍

Haha studio work ke, shey you dey whine me ni 😂
Thanks Sholex

Listening to you has been a delightful experience, I am fascinated with your voice and the song you chose was just right for this week. You are a spectacular artist 🥰

Awww thank you so much sis, I appreciate your compliment 🥰🤗

I never knew songs like this exist
This is really lovely dear

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 166 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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