HiveOpenmic week 174 ~ "Light of the world" by the Bethel Music Cover by @mhizerbee

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Hello my people in the HiveOpenmic community. Blessed week to you all. Welcome to week 174 with the theme "Beacon of light" by our very beautiful own @gloriaolar.

I listened to her rendition few days ago and her I read her post as well. I loved everything about it, from her choice of song to how detailed her post was. I was blessed and I learnt quite a lot.

She talked about depression and what she went through. I felt for her. Depression is a bad thing and unhealthy for anyone to experience. She came out of it and I was glad.

There are quite a number of people who are depressed and they're people going through a lot and stuffs. Trust me when I say that they do need a *"Beacon of light".

We should care for people out there anywhere, anytime. We should also cultivate the habit of being kind to one another.

The song I have rendered talks about Jesus Christ as the light of the world. Sinners are living in darkness and as believers and children of light, we should strive to take them to the light and that light is God.

Living in darkness deprives us of seeing the light and the beautiful things that comes with it. That is why we need to have this light before transferring it to another.

Things are actually happening. People are now wearing fake smiles to cover up the bitterness they feel. The least we could do is to extend a helping hand, be nice, care, love and be kind to anyone we come across.

💖Thank you for engaging my blog💖

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I strongly agree with you darling. Helping and caring for one another should be an habit we should cultivate. Even the Bible says that we should love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

Thank you for this beautiful presentation. I enjoyed it🥰

Thank you darling 😚

jesus is light, without him many people are lost, i like your video, full of emotion.

This song has a way of captivating my Heart to worship 🙌
You singing the song makes it even more captivating
I love you emotions flow on the song,
Thanks for blessings our soul with this amazing piece

I love the message you shared. There is no one on earth who is far from God's light, even for those who are in darkness, His rays of love and hope are extended. Your interpretation is wonderful. I loved. Congratulations dear friend.

Right 👍
Much appreciated 😊

I love the message you shared here. Life is even too short for us not to be a beacon of light in other people's life.
Beautiful rendition, that was so emotional 🙂.

This is so cool 😎
I really love your vibes and you have done justice to this song.
Weldon dear

I totally agree with you my darling sister, Jesus christ is the Ultimate Beacon of Light. He alone can give us peace and take us out of whatever situation we are in without getting tired. He can only uses people as vessels but he is the eternal.

This song is one of my favourite songs and you sang it so well.

Great presentation sis.

I'm glad to hear that ☺️
Thanks for coming around

I also like your presentation, sis, your voice is very good, sis, thank you for sharing our video

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Amiga @mhizerbee esta canción es hermosa igual tu interpretación, coincido contigo en cuanto a qué debemos tratar en todo momento bien a las personas y que Dios es esa luz en la oscuridad y siempre debemos buscar. Gran presentación. Dios te bendiga🙏🥰🔥🤗🎧😊👏👏👏🎤❤️💚💕

Friend @mhizerbee this song is beautiful just like your interpretation, I agree with you that we should treat people well at all times and that God is that light in the dark and we should always seek. Great presentation. God bless you🙏 🔥🤗🎧😊👏👏👏🎤❤️💚💕

God keep us in cordial treatment with others, be a light for others and mutual help. Heartfelt introduction @mhizerbee :)

Dios nos mantenga en un trato cordial con los demás, ser luz para otros y de ayuda mutua. Sentida presentación @mhizerbee :)

Thank you for your kind words 🙏