Hive Open Mic week 60, Beethoven - Sonata op. 27 no. 2

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Inspiration... Just one of the ingredients of all the human creations in this world. At first glance, just a small and insignificant part of any created writing, painting or music, however, inspiration is essential, it makes difference. It changes the whole concept of artwork or let us say any other creative activity. Even if someone suffers from heartache or sadness, it can be a trigger to create a masterpiece.

So let me ask you, have you ever felt so broken that your world was falling apart and your thoughts were leading you just to a dead end? Have you ever felt a real heartache that was making you shout from pain but without making noise? A silent screaming but felt like agony? If not, you are lucky. But exactly thanks to that inner torment, many music pieces were written during history, especially starting from romanticism. Composers started to express openly their feelings, rebellion, sadness, excitement and love sorrows. All those significant composers from that time like Chopin, Schumann, Schubert, Brahms, Liszt created beautiful music expressing emotions and thoughts. And if we go just a little bit back in time, we can see that Beethoven was one of the pioneers to show all the drama and pain he has gone through.

Imagine this, a musician who is getting deaf... Being in love always with the wrong woman... Being alone and living in own sadness. Oh, I can feel for him, but at the same time, I am thankful as he wrote a huge opus of music. Definitely having life inspiration, Ludwig van Beethoven, that German composer knew how to put all those sounds coming from his head, inspired by his broken heart into piano keys in the following piece you will listen to in this post.

I will play one of his sonatas for piano, the op 27 no 2, called also Moonlight Sonata (although it was not the title Beethoven gave it). It was written in 1801 and dedicated to one of his students. Hmm, not any student. It was a 17 years old girl, and well... he fell in love with her.

Apparently, the love seemed to be mutual, but as the girl's family was against the relationship, it was not possible to achieve a marriage between the two. She married another man, probably chosen by her family, and thirty-year-old Ludwig fell back into severe depression and bitterness.

Hope you will recognize the same sorrow from this piece and hear Beethoven's broken heart. I play the first movement of this sonata, and still, it is a bit long. About five minutes, but anyway, I hope you will enjoy it.


Owwww Owwwww LOVE this! Beautiful!

I shall start to use YT playlists instead of using Spotify, so I can wander around my city with some beautiful sounds in my ears. Wondering how this piece feels when the sounds of the birds in our parks are mixed with Beethoven's broken heart? Ok ok, I'll test it using the YT link :)

NJOY Sunday!

I hope you can get that walk today and enjoy in that combination of walk, birds, parks, city and Ludwig's music...ow, maybe some Ludovico can have some space in this combo? Which reminds me that I should practise my response to bionic sad. No walk, birds and parks for me today then 😆

Owwww Owwwww LOVE this! Beautiful!

🤗 🎶🎶🎶🎶

of course, Eine Audi will never leave my playlists anymore 🙃

👌 for Eine Audi :D

I somehow feel that you haven't got time to walk around and enjoy in birds and walk 😅

I didn't indeed. Ah well, enough time ahead of us, years to decades 😀

A master piece! Love it and you’re interpretation is amazing! Perfect for a broken heart

One of the masterpieces, indeed. I felt it is the perfect match for this theme. Who could compose better that a man with a broken heart?..

Thanks colleague for listening 😇🎶

Chopin, Beethoven, even Satie have some melancholy that makes them so special and very pure. They were broken hearted but their melodies are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

Yes, special and pure. Music is like that, comes out from heart as a need of expression and beautiful works are created. Cool, right?
Thank you for your engaging and your kind words @hanselmusic, I am grateful for your presence. 😇
Have a great weekend

absolutely loved your post! i had listened to this piece before but didn´t knew the story behind it! it is sad but fascinating, and yes i agree with you:

Even if someone suffers from heartache or sadness, it can be a trigger to create a masterpiece.

and we have the proof right here, such beautiful music came from the wounded heart of Beethoven, and many other artists. Your performance was amazing as always, love to see those hands at work, mesmerizing! you say it was too long? i wish it lasted longer! hehe always a pleasure listening to you play, hugs and blessings! :)

 3 years ago (edited) 

Thank you Julio, I just listened to your great song, seems that we published our participations at the same time hehehe. I am glad you liked my performance and that it was not too long for listening.
A hug and greetings to you too :)

yeah i noticed that too! hehe what a funny coincidence! :)


This is my most favourite Beethoven sonata. Perfect fit for this week's theme and you play so beautifully. Loved this one so much 🤗💚😗

How great that you like it dear @holisticmom 💚
Now when you have the piano you could learn it? 👌 I would like to listen to you with this piece one day :)

Yes, I enjoyed it very much.

I can play the first 30 seconds of it haha but I haven't listened to it enough to learn it. My interpretation would be missing notes because I still need to learn to read sheet music. aaahh. But I will try and learn it.

Much love to you dear hermana 💚🤗

Hmm, I will teach you to read music. So when are you coming? 😋

I am thinking maybe October when it is a little cooler, but that all depends on if we are allowed to travel. So much conflicting advice at the moment. 😕

But I will come to visit as soon as is possible. 💚🤗😍 Thank you so much I would be honored for you to teach me xxx

October is just a perfect month here, still warm but better than summer.

We are planning to travel this summer, I don't know if we will be allowed, yeah, will see

I was just reading that I can go to Spain, but I need to pay for 2 covid tests and isolate at home for 2 weeks when I come back to the UK. It is so frustrating. xx

Maravilloso <3

Gracias @equipodelta 😇

Wow!! You are so talented!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

 3 years ago (edited) 

The same goes to you @josueelinfame 🎶🎶🎶 🌠
Your entry was great! Thank you for listening and your nice words ☺️

Oh dear, your storytelling really brings a brand new context to this song. Yes, it's good of you to give us a history lesson here, describing the time of romanticism, when these composers originated their beautiful expressions of sadness. Yeah, you're right - this song doesn't sound like a "Moonlight Sonata," because it isn't glowy and showy. It sounds more like a looming gloom to me. There's deep beauty in there, still. Such a profoundly resonating tone, to me, as if it is an invitation to release a little bit of the pressure of teardrops held back, and feeling the relief of a good cry. Thank you.

Thank you for joining in and enjoying Hive Open Mic

I usually like this history part too, and if the music is from the field of classical music, I am at "home" with the history part 😊

to me, as if it is an invitation to release a little bit of the pressure of teardrops held back, and feeling the relief of a good cry.

To me the same feeling, I needed that relief of a good cry yesterday. Thank you for your wisdom, encouragement to the whole community and bringing harmony with your too good heart Cabe 🤗

Sin palabras @mipiano!!
Ya había escuchado esta pieza en un pasado y realmente trasmite un aura de tristeza y melancolía, la interpretaste demasiado bien, para mi esos 5 minutos se quedaron cortos!!. Vaya que es una historia muy triste y frustrante, no la conocía gracias por contarla.

Un abrazo querida amiga!!.

Gracias @franciscodesousa por tus palabras tan amables hacia mí y esta publicación. Sí, Beethoven no tenía mucha suerte con sus amores, esta historia por no poder realizar el amor hacia su alumna le ha roto el corazón...
Un abrazo igualmente!

beautifully played thank you

Thank you so much @audiohive-me for listening and for your comment!
Greetings and have a great upcoming week 👋

Esta Sonata es tan hermosa! Estuve escuchándote y sintiendo la belleza de las notas y de tu impecable interpretación, la disfruté muchísimo 👏 luego leí lo que escribiste y wao, a pesar de yo misma haber estudiado esta pieza hace tiempo no lo hice del todo bien porque no sabía la historia detrás, la experiencia de vida que inspiró está composición, es realmente triste y rompe el corazón. De verdad Beethoven fue el primero que expresó tanto tanto sus sentimientos en lo que componía y por eso su música es tan impactante, justo ahora estoy empezando a estudiar otra sonata suya, de ahora en adelante investigaré mejor 😅 gracias por regalarnos la oportunidad de escucharte tocar @mipiano eres fenomenal! ✨🎶

Sí, la historia es que la sonata está dedicada a esa alumna, con que estaba enamorado. Pero ya ves, no siempre se pueden realizar los amores, y los corazones sufren...

Oh, pues cuando tengas la sonata preparada y si la subes, avisame y te escucho :) sería un placer @nataliaeline ! Y muchísimas gracias por tus comentarios, te los agradezco mucho 🤗 tú también eres una estrella 💫

Masterful execution, how I would like to play the piano like this, this sonata definitely describes Beethoven's broken heart for his beloved Young! this melody makes you enter a state of sadness, pain and melancholy !!!

Magistral ejecucion, como me gustaria tocar el piano asi, esta sonata definitivamente describe el corazon roto de Beethoven por su Joven amada!!! esta melodia te hace entrar en un estado de tristeza, dolor y melancolia!!!

Qué alegría me da ver a toda la comunidad de Hive Open Mic comentando y apoyandose. Qué bien, así se forma una comunidad estable y una família musical! Muchas gracias por tu comentario, sí, la sonata es demasiado triste a lo mejor, pero así es como sentía Beethoven y ahora nosotros también escuchando las notas de esta pieza.
Que tengas una semana con mucho éxito y os veo todos en las nuevas publicaciones durante esta semana!! 💫

Impecable interpretación, suena genial :D Felicidades

Gracias Salva, eres muy amable, muchas gracias. Te lo agradezco 🙏



This piece envelops my being, whenever I listen to it I feel like everything is destabilized in me, and you have made a wonderful version, Beethoven will always be the best thing that has happened to this world, its texture is simply perfect. Thank you for bringing such an enjoyable performance.

Thank you so much for these kind words @jhoxiris ! I like how you said that Beethoven will always be the best thing that happened to this world! 😇

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Beautiful. One of my favourite pieces to play; you've inspired me to go and practice.

You Jedi GIF-downsized.gif

Oh my God! when we realized that you chose this emblematic and historical theme, we were literally thrilled, our skin crawled, my friend, we were amazed and thank God for your beautiful talent. We simply feel honored to enjoy your music. It is always a pleasant surprise to listen to you. All our love and admiration for you beautiful lady.