Beautiful you gat, most time we find ourselves when we are lonely

That's true. And, I don't get much time to be creative these days, and my skillset had waned significantly. Hopefully in the next years I'll get it back!

That sounds stunning!! Well done!!

Thanks! I aim to please

Excellent presentation and melody partner @mobbs

Glad you liked it!

You sound great bro


 9 months ago  


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What a beautiful cover, well done! Hopefully you will join hive open mic more often :)

It's rare for me to get a day to myself these days to even attempt such things so, probably not? hah.

I'll can eek out low quality things in some brief interludes I get through the week but nothing substantial. I may try!

Hola amigo que presentación tan bonita, gracias por compartir me gustó como se escucha, bien audio.


Ahh it’s you! I never realized how fabulously British you are, I never imagined your voice 😆. Cool cover! Wanna do my favorite song by them? I think it’s called the Chain