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Hello family!
I trust we all are very well today!
And how has our week been?
This is hive open mic week 133, and I must really say this, we have come really far in this community and it's really something to be proud of and I must say this, I'm proud of we all as a community and participants of it's activities!

Here comes another week to be a partaker of this lovely weekly activity. I'm glad I'm graced to come in with a cover of the song "See what the lord had done" by Nathaniel Bassey.
Newsflash, the theme for this week is "opportunity" and we all have that knowledge that "opportunity they say comes but once" meaning once you loose your golden chance when it comes, you might not be lucky to have that chance again.

Everyone of us has in one way or the other come across opportunities, whether the ones we made use of or the ones we had regrets on for not using.
I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but I'm just trying to let you know that it's past and all you can do now is to buckle up and keep moving.
I chose to sing that song because at the end of every trials, comes one golden opportunity that man mostly utilizes and at he end he'll say "See what the lord has done, what we waited for has come to pass"


I hope you enjoy this lovely piece.
Kindly an humble tone....

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¡Hola familia!
Confío en que todos estemos muy bien hoy!
¿Y cómo ha sido nuestra semana?
Esta es la semana 133 de micrófono abierto de Hive, y realmente debo decir esto, hemos llegado muy lejos en esta comunidad y es realmente algo de lo que estar orgulloso y debo decir esto, estoy orgulloso de todos nosotros como comunidad y participantes de son actividades!

Aquí viene otra semana para ser partícipe de esta hermosa actividad semanal. Me alegro de tener la gracia de venir con una versión de la canción "Mira lo que el Señor había hecho" de Nathaniel Bassey.
Noticia de última hora, el tema de esta semana es "oportunidad" y todos sabemos que "la oportunidad, dicen, solo llega una vez", lo que significa que una vez que pierdes tu oportunidad de oro cuando llega, es posible que no tengas la suerte de volver a tener esa oportunidad.

Cada uno de nosotros, de una forma u otra, nos hemos encontrado con oportunidades, ya sean las que aprovechamos o las que nos arrepentimos de no haber aprovechado.
No estoy tratando de hacerte sentir mal, solo estoy tratando de hacerte saber que ya pasó y que todo lo que puedes hacer ahora es abrocharte el cinturón y seguir adelante.
Elegí cantar esa canción porque al final de cada prueba, llega una oportunidad de oro que el hombre utiliza principalmente y al final dirá: "Mira lo que ha hecho el señor, lo que esperábamos se ha cumplido".


Espero que disfruten de esta hermosa pieza.
Escuche amablemente....en un tono humilde....

Letra fuente

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With your singing you have turned this song into a prayer, or at least that's how I feel. It is incredible how you transmit all your feelings in each of your performances for the platform. You are a true artist Obaro, I'm proud of you brother...

With your singing you have turned this song into a prayer, or at least that's how I feel.

The feeling is what it is dear brother and that musical feeling seems sweet and kind of uncontrollable when in the realm!

Thanks for stopping by to encourage me again dear brother.
How's dad's health?

Great work❤

Damn...I've got to learn this guitar thing honesty!
You're performance was truly top notch👌.
You sing so beautifully and I really love your song choice, the lyrics are amazing.
Thanks for blessing our ears bro!❤️

Chief musician.
Thanks for your comment on my post.... You are extremely doing well!

It's an honour to have you around dear friend!

You're welcome boss!😊

Is everything you want to learn abi?😏😅. Just kidding oo, go for it so that we can do collaboration or what do you think? Hehe.

God, am I a potato, when will someone do collaboration with me sef?😪

Hahaha, abeg leave me oo, you that have do collaboration and taya, you know you are the boss, I can't dare ask for that 😏.

Where I do collabo?
Who I be 🥺.

U meant to say "potato"🙏🥺

Hahaha, go jhur, you that have do collaboration so, I'm still looking for people that I can beg to come down to my level sha 😪

My sister it's everything ooo😩😂.
Ahh collab??...Am I even worthy?😩
Star singer like @hopestylist ??
Omo it would be an honour 😊.

Hahaha, look at him encouraging me, thank you ehn 😏.

Well, I will love to 🤭

My God, your voice is so amazing and the way you accompany with your guitar is so beautiful. 🥰🥰🥰

Omo. thanks jare, this means a lot for real, and I sure won't take it for granted!

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You're welcome @obaro! Have a nice day 😊👍

Thanks and you too hive buzz!!!


This is absolutely fantastic😇 Nice one dear.😊

Ahhahhn, maami, thanks a lot o, I do not take it for granted!

 last year  

Oh my days, it is no doubt that youu have a lovely tone, I sure did enjoyed the piece. Thank you for blessing us oo

Yes sir, thanks for listening too!

There's this special feeling I get when I hear you play the guitar specially this way...
You play amazingly and Beautifully couple with your awesome gift of the vocals.. you're doing well boss
You Rockkkkk and Ruleeees Boss 😎🎵🎸🎶🎵💜🎯💯💞♥️💕🎤🎺

Thanks a lot chief musician!..
I'm glad you came around.

The pressure is all mine boss🎶🎺🎺💕

See as human being room fine
God when
My favourite part is when you "tatata part"
Too sweet
You too get voice boss
Th guitar con clean for this recording

Aswear, na hype man be your calling, you just dey whine young comrade up and down!😂

Beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful interpretation and also I have to say beautiful interior 🤭.

You are doing really well Essence, I love the way you sing especially when you sing falsetto, it's just so on point.

Keep up the good work dear 🤗❤️😘.

Thanks maami..... I appreciate you!

Hehehe, maami ke 🙄

You are welcome sha 😂

Yes maami😊

I jump am pass 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Hehehe, maami ke 🙄

You are welcome sha 😂

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Hey bro, what a nice tone of voice you have bro! 🧑💻🎶🎵👌🏼 I love the way it sounds, the smoothness of your voice, you're really good, yes there is talent in your being 👌🏼🎵🎶🚀🛸 you also play guitar very well 🎸 all very nice, that background is very good it has style, nice video 🧑💻👌🏼🎥🎤

Thanks very much for appreciating the entire video concept.
I'm so so honoured!

Thanks a lot brother!

Dios te bendiga, definitivamente tienes un don del cielo muy especial,transmites mucha dulzura y humildad y eso viene del padre.

muchas gracias querido amigo.
Realmente aprecio tu comentario querido amigo!