HiveOpen Mic Wk 198: Rebellion ||Drop The World by Lil Wayne and Eminen ; Cover by oluwadrey

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Hello Members of HiveOpen Mic Community and lovers of music❤️.**

This Week 198 and our theme for this week says ** Rebellion **

Today I am rapping 😎 I would be presenting a rap song Titled: DROP THE WORLD BY Lil-Wayne and Eminem.

When I saw the theme for this week, I thought of many song I could have prevented, this was the one that keeps springing up. In My Childhood time Rap and Hip-hop music was my thing then, I love to listen to the likes of Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, 50 cents, Mode 9(Nigerian), Olamide (Nigerian) and many others. I grew very fond of rap music, then I even had a whole book for raps and freestyle. Things really changed now but I can't forget all those old Rap music that made my childhood amazing.

The Theme "Rebellion" is a word that could mean many things to people, Rebellion can mean attaining a Change of Mindset towards a standard of Rule. It Can mean a unwilling to conform to A situation or issue that have ruled you for long Time, It can mean opposing an established Authority.
This song: Drop the World is a song that expresses overcoming struggle. It portrays a person that have had a hard time finding his place in this world. Been chastized for being himself but everything he has been through has now made him strong and ready to "pick the world up and drop it on the haters heads or Face his Problems without any more Bounds to Rules or Constraints.
Sometimes we all just Need to say No to some Naysayers, Hater or Anything that tries to bring us down, and make our way to be stronger by dropping our success on their head, or rubbing our Victory on the face of Haters. That's My Interpretation.

The lyrics

The Lyrics is displayed on the video, I rapped everything up there in the video lol
Please kindly note that this songs contain some explicitly vulgar slangs like: Motherfer,. Fcking, btch*, although I tried to not sing those words out.
You can check the lyrics here also

The video

Source YouTube

I hope you enjoy song and do have a great day


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Ahhh this is so rebellious 😂
Your wear, your expression and how you take up the stage... Everything is so on point with the theme haha.

Nicely done, I should come for classes 😁

Lols, The Dressing was part of the Costume for the Song, thanks so much for the Amazing comment
It means a lot 🤗

Haha I figured, well done

My boss is on another level, like whaattttt?? You can RAP? You never seize to amaze me bro, just look at how easy you made it look. You Rockkk!!!🫡🙌

Big Boss, I really appreciate,
I can rap a little, Rapping was one of my favourite Thing then, but Everything changed now
Thanks for the kind reviews

Nice one bro, you rape so cool.
Keep it up bro

Thanks so much brother

Wow this is pure masterpiece, this is one of my favourite song back then I guess we sometimes sang it together back then in uni.

even though unlike you I can't take that Eminem part, man is way to fast for my tempo.

Your presentation is mind-blowing, keep being you. 👏

I remember you listen to rap too, Eminem will humble you no matter how much rap you can rap😂😂
I did that Eminem part more than 3 times before I can get it,
Thanks so much for the Awesome review and Comment sir🙌

Oluwadrey in the building yooooh, this is so lovely dear

Hehe, thanks dear

Hehehe....this is amazing Drey. I think you should be giving us this vibe all the time because you nailed this so perfectly 🥰
That was nice and awesome 👌

Thanks so much, princess of Hive🤗

Oh wow. I didn’t think my boss could surprise me but you’ve done it again 😂. You’re too good bro

Much Respect Boss, Thanks for the sweet comment 🙌

When I saw your wears I knew you mean business 😃😃 because that's just the definition of Eminem right there.
You did justice to this song brother, thumbs up 👍

Lols boss, I came Ready o
Thanks Boss with the Honey Voice

Hehe, both your dressing and your rap up are rapping together..lolz
It's nice
Lovely vibe here

Big Thanks sweet Nkem
I really Appreciate
Do Enjoy a lovely Weekend 🤗

@oluwadrey! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @nkemakonam89. (3/5)

That was too cool bro, kudos to you because also I used to listen to Eminem and Lil Wayne a lot years ago and this collaboration was explosive when it happened.

I think rap, rock, reggae are the musical genres that cover more themes of self-improvement and social issues, they are the most popular and have had important representatives in music.

I really liked your presentation, it was on fire, you gave it your personal touch and you enjoyed it Bro, this is how you rock 🔥🔥🔥

I send you a big hug and thank you for rocking the stage of the Hive Open Mic with this dose of lyrics 👍.... You Fuc&%$ Rockkkk!!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

Thanks So much
You comments means so much to me
Have a Blessed Day 🙏

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so Much @iskafan I really appreciate

You are welcome. I loved your Rap. Eminem is a rap legend and you did a job with this track 🔥🔥

Thanks so much, I was surprised you are familiar with all those Rap legends
You Rock 💯💯💯

Have you considered music but I have seen you do several genre of music and you nailed them all.

This is awesome, keep putting in your best always. Wanye and Eminem are my real G in the industry, cheers to a beautiful week bro.

Wow boss, I thought I replied your comments earlier,
Thanks so much sir, I appreciate the suggestion, I would work on it

Just realized my comment didn’t come through but I’ll still have to let you know you did really great.
I think I should sign you to my record label.

Hehe, Am waiting for the Deal to be completed, Abenadic Records 😂
I will remind you again on the chat
Thanks so much dear