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It's Princessbusayo in another week for the Hive Open Mic 122 and the theme says “Emotion.”

Right now, I am anticipating the future ahead. I am looking forward in a positive way to something that is going to happen.

When I saw this week's theme, I knew the right song to choose from my playlist and that is the song by Phillipa Hannah titled “Everything is possible”.


This is my best song whenever I am anticipating something great. I mean, something ahead of me and realizing that everything is possible with God makes me feel assured that I have the strength to take me there.

I have come to learn how to be content with everything I have now, seeing that God is there for me to make a way. No matter the circumstances that could delay my success and future, I believe with God, all things are possible because there is a saying that what God cannot do, does not exist.

So, this is why I am singing this song to remind me that even while I keep anticipating a great turnaround of events, I know it is possible with God because He made everything brand new.

I came to know of Murphy's Law from @jane1289 and here is how she put it

You started your day negatively, and you attracted more negatives. If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.

Many times, when I wake up and the thought of how I would achieve the best in the future keeps invading my mind, and through that, I feel negative about everything because I assume there aren't enough resources for me to get to where I wanted for myself.

I forgot that what God cannot do does not exist.

This Song, when played over and over again, relieves me and makes me remember that there is nothing like impossibility with God.

So whenever I anticipate a good thing, and something coming that I thought won't be able to do, God's strength is enough for me.

This song reminds me that no matter what I am going through, it cannot stop God from doing His work.

This means whatever I think of in my mind would depend on how I view or see things. If I should think of the negative side of things, I would remain weak and my gaze will be away from the truth about God. So, I should always be positive every day I wake up and I will see how everything would work for my good.

You can find the lyrics of the song here.
Everything is Possible

Thanks for watching and listening


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Wonderful song choice princess 💕❤❤ I also love your voice quality 😍🥰💕

Thank you so much, @erikasue🥰

This is a uplifting and heart reassuring song.

Amazing voice Princess. Everything is possible through God

Yea, everything is possible with God. Thanks, Tomi

What a beautiful song I love how you sing it you enjoy doing it you do it very well and you have a beautiful voice

Thank you for the compliment.

That’s totally beautiful. Your voice is crystal. Lovely

I'm glad. Thank you so much 😘

Truly we need that great song that changes everything, a form of strength when we need it... I love your smile through out the entire video, good work dear

Exactly. We need songs like this to remind us, we aren't alone. Thanks, Gozie 😅

Oya na!!Is the vibes for me? 😅😅
Nice performance dear 🥰
You're good!

Yea Yea 😆😆
Thank you, my friend.

You're welcome dear 🤗

Princess you have always got a nice voice and your choice of songs are always amazing...

Good one

Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.

Bravo friend! What a magical and contagious energy, congratulations.... Thank you very much for this contribution, the song goes great with your voice color and I like how you join your clapping to this set. A 10 out of 10. A big hug for you...

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Wow! 🤸🤸🤸🤸 10 out of 10? This is sure an encouragement for more. Thank you so much, @jesuslnrs 🤗🤗

It's the joy and excitement you feel when you sing for me. It's contagious. I love that fine print on that top. How can someone look this good and still sing so good? You are doing well, Princess.

Look at you princess🤩, your smiling face while singing made me stay glued to the end 🤣🤣

That's a great song, soul lifter..indeed with God all things are possible 👍

Thank you for staying glued to my presentation 😉😉

This is so true! With God nothing is impossible! Thank you for sharing your talent to the community. Great voice and performance!