Hive Open Mic Week 162 || It's Okay To Not Be Okay By Chandler Moore (song cover) || Eng-Esp

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"When you bury emotions, you bury them alive. They only come back stronger, somewhere later in your life"
-- Andy Mineo, Family Photo

Hello, amazing friends of the Hive Open Mic community! Indeed, it's been a stressful but delightful week. A lot happened this week, that I'm beginning to forget some events. But all in all, it was a wonderful one.

The line I quoted above is from a song I love to listen to: Family Photo" by Andy Mineo. That particular line in the song has always intrigued me and made me curious to investigate if it's a fact. So far, I believe it is. The theme for this week is Be Okay and that line influenced my song choice this week.

After my little but important experience in my few decades on this earth, I've come to decide that the best way to "be okay" is to embrace whatever emotion is making you not okay. I can be a very emotional individual, and it disturbs me greatly when I feel what I don't like. Most of these emotions push me to speak to people around me who I feel are more experienced or might have something of value to share, and in all my learning, I've learned that these emotions are a perfectly normal part of our lives as humans.

Once, I recall one of my elder siblings telling me to use that feeling to do meaningful things. According to her, those emotions are what prompt us to be better. It's fine to indulge in distractions once in a while, but what would be disastrous is indulging in self-pity and moping around. These talks have changed my perspective about my "down times". Weirdly, I sometimes relish them. I take these times as a period to take a step back and reevaluate the circumstances surrounding these feelings. Believe me, it helps your mental health, helps you make better decisions in similar circumstances that are bound to happen in the future, and in fact, helps you guide others who might be in that same place. All in all, being okay, as portrayed in the art of the week's theme, means holding on to positivity in every situation we find ourselves in.

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"Cuando entierras las emociones, las entierras vivas. Sólo vuelven con más fuerza, en algún momento posterior de tu vida"
-- Andy Mineo, Family Photo

¡Hola, increíbles amigos de la comunidad Hive Open Mic! En efecto, ha sido una semana estresante pero encantadora. Han pasado muchas cosas esta semana, que estoy empezando a olvidar algunos acontecimientos. Pero en general, ha sido maravillosa.

La frase que he citado antes es de una canción que me encanta escuchar: Family Photo" de Andy Mineo. Esa frase de la canción siempre me ha intrigado y me ha dado curiosidad por investigar si es cierta. Hasta ahora, creo que lo es. El tema de esta semana es Be Okay y esa línea influyó en mi elección de canción de esta semana.

Después de mi pequeña pero importante experiencia en mis pocas décadas en esta tierra, he llegado a decidir que la mejor manera de "estar bien" es abrazar cualquier emoción que te esté haciendo no estar bien. Puedo ser un individuo muy emocional, y me molesta mucho cuando siento lo que no me gusta. La mayoría de estas emociones me empujan a hablar con personas de mi entorno que creo que tienen más experiencia o que podrían tener algo valioso que compartir, y en todo mi aprendizaje, he aprendido que estas emociones son una parte perfectamente normal de nuestras vidas como humanos.

Una vez, recuerdo que una de mis hermanas mayores me dijo que utilizara ese sentimiento para hacer cosas significativas. Según ella, esas emociones son las que nos impulsan a ser mejores. Está bien distraerse de vez en cuando, pero lo que sería desastroso es autocompadecerse y deprimirse. Estas charlas han cambiado mi perspectiva de los "tiempos muertos". Curiosamente, a veces los disfruto. Me los tomo como un periodo para dar un paso atrás y reevaluar las circunstancias que rodean esos sentimientos. Créeme, ayuda a tu salud mental, te ayuda a tomar mejores decisiones en circunstancias similares que seguramente te ocurrirán en el futuro y, de hecho, te ayuda a guiar a otros que puedan estar en ese mismo lugar. En definitiva, estar bien, como se representa en el arte del tema de la semana, significa aferrarse al positivismo en cualquier situación en la que nos encontremos.

La letra se puede encontrar aquí

Thanks For Watching. Lots Of Love ❤❤❤

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holding on to positivity in every situation we find ourselves in.

Oh yes, this is vital in our lives to always see light in every situation.

I take these times as a period to take a step back and reevaluate the circumstances surrounding these feelings.

I had a not so good experinece myself and spoke to dear friends and my elder sister who told me the same words that helped me deal with it , most especially the Holy Spirit helped me through it.

Stay strong dear.🤗

The way you chose songs that are perfect for your vocal texture intrigues me and the way you sing them so perfectly is beautiful.
Thank you dear. Have the best weekend ever. ❤️❤️

Yes my darling, because life is worth living. Thank God for the gift of amazing people who help and guide us through life, whoever said no man is am island really got the memo 😂. And thank God for God🥰.

Thank you for your kind words dearest sis🥰🤗🤗, you're the best ❤

You are super welcome 🙏 🤗

Again, really sorry for my late response.

Hello @sekani, this is simply beautiful. I'm glad to hear from you again today. You always tickle me with your voice 😍❤️

Ones! Longest time. It's good to hear from you as well. 😂🥰, I'm glad you enjoyed my presentation, thank youu 🤗🤗❤

Your intro quote gat me. Of a truth, whatever emotions we bury come back stronger later in the future.

As always sekan, you sang this song so beautifully and I couldn't help singing along with you.

Much love dear😍

You caught the bait 😂😂, kidding. Indeed it does and it's not usually pretty. Thank you Choseeiin🤗❤

Goosebumps 🥶! This is making me feel emoshonal.. I think this song has a special effects on me. undeniably, this presentation is lit🔥.

Yeah, it okay to not be okay, challenges will always come , but seeing the positive side in everything is important.
Kudos to you my beautiful Gladness 🥰😍

Jacy my love 🥰, many many congratulations on this theme, it's beautiful.

😂 ya not a hard geh? Thank you very much my sweetheart 🤗. You get my message, challenges are proof that we are doing things worthwhile.
Thanks once again dearie. It's a beautiful week already 🤗❤

I love your choice of song my dear @sekani ..

And how you interpreted it makes me emotional.

It suits your voice perfectly dear..

And it's a powerful message indeed.. It is okay not to be okay, its OK to be down, to be sad and the likes

We must learn to embrace our emotions while we don't let them get the most of us.

I love it dear..

Thank you and much love ❤️😘😍

Also, you have given me a new song to download..

Have a great week 😊

Beautiful Beniii🥰🤗. Yess, challenges will always rise and emotions will react accordingly but we'll keep on keeping on. Yaay🥳, I'm certain you'll love the original. Thank you for always 🤗❤❤. Yeahh, it's a great week already🥳🤗❤

❤️Good to know dear ❤️❤️

Oh my sekani, your voice get to me everytime🥺🥺🥺. You are really blessed my darling. This is such a beautiful song. Haven't heard it before but you bet I'm going straight to download it now.

Great presentation sis❤️❤️❤️.

Awww, it's always a pleasure whenever you visit my posts🥰. Thank you so much sis. I'm sure you'll enjoy the original even more. Thank you once again 🥰🤗❤

Beautiful melody and princess voice @sekani

Thank you so much friend 🤗

@maryjacy my sweetheart 🤗❤. Somehow I omitted the credits in my post. Congratulations on this week's theme, it's amazing and was really inspiring. Somehow it coincided with something I was going through and it lifted my spirit. Well done mi amor. Cheers to more of this! 🥂🤗❤❤❤

Thank you, it's a great honor on my sight..
I was glad the theme has a positive effect on you.

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Thanks for having me ❤

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Excelente voz...
Un tema muy bonito y una voz muy bonita también. Gracias disfruté de esta presentación.