HiveOpenMic #136 Lets Rock Nirvana Lithium Cover

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hello hiveopenmic week 136, I am happy to
meet you again with this great community.
today i saw the theme of this week is
lets rock, and i think this is the best
theme that they chosed because i like
rock very much,

recently, i fall in in love with nirvana band, and i dont know, i am so maniac with their song,

my conclusion is their song is very simple to hear but you know what?
when we play it, it a bit hard when
we play a chord of their song like
i give an example, smell like teen spirit song, it is hard to pick up the guitar,

by the way, sorry for the camera of my phone, you know, my last phone already broken, and now, i just buy the new phone with a cheap price

and you know, now, i just need to collect all coin that i have to buy
somes instrument that i need to incread my music, you know i like to produce a music, and playing music,
and mybe mixing somr musics,

but i need all that instruments, because my economy right is abit nood good, because i was gambling and that is my fault, i am so sorry to my self

but now i have planning to do, i just need to do some hard work, i will make a goof content to make a coin then i can buy it all that i need

thanks very much for watching my video, hope enjoy it.

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Nice cover, liked the voice, next song will be Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana. before the end of year, we are going to cover it, ok?

Wow, ok, you promise ok, i will wait it ,

 last year  

Man, this was great!

@nfttunz, hi thanks man, by the way, i am on my way to go to your platform and i have created my song to put on that