Jabba The Hunt From Star Wars (Ink Drawing 2)

in Star Wars4 years ago

Hello Everyone.
I'd like to share my first piece of art today which is an ink portrait of Jabba Desilijic Tiure also known as Jabba the Hutt or the Bloated One. He was one of the most notorious crime lords in the galaxy. He was into smuggling, piracy and all sort of crimes.

I made this drawing using a black ball pen and pelican paper.
Here are my steps;
Firstly, I drew the outline of Jabba's face and drew out all his facial features.
Next, I began shading the dark parts of his body and adding details for realism.
Finally, I shaded and added details to the remaining parts of his body until I got a satisfactory result.
Thanks for reading and viewing my drawing. May the forces be with you.


WOW! What a great looking Jabba!

Thank you so much @hiveyoda