This is a huge peeve of mine: water bottles while flying.

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Frankfurt Airport (where is everyone?)

I have a PhD in computational, theoretical physics. As a scientist I studied the energy necessary to mold polymers such as polyethylene into plastic water bottles.

By 1997 it was obvious to me that RECYCLING single use plastic bottles was always going to be of dubious value: RE-USE even ONCE would be far better.

So what does this have to do with flying?

I just flew 6 connecting flights Tel Aviv, Israel to Tijuana, Mexico via Frankfurt and Mexico City return.


HiveFest in Rosarito!


Boeing 737 Max on the apron


My first flight I carried on a plastic water bottle which I brought from home and carried straight through airport security without anyone giving a second glance.

Israel's airport security lets you carry any bottle you like, full, sealed whatever: BECAUSE security checks look for terrorists (the human bit) not ridiculous ideas of binary liquid bombs!

I still had that bottle when I got to Frankfurt but of course I had to pass through German security to transit to my Mexico City flight. At that point I was forced to dump my bottle. I bought a new one as I had a 3 hour layover and ate something.

While going through security a religious Jewish family with numerous kids was pulled up ahead of me arguing over a partially used tube of tooth paste! They were forced to throw this away. Insanity.

Every airport

All the other airports on my way made me discard and rebuy a perfectly refillable water bottle each time I switched plane!

Something like $2 in Mexico's airports, €4.60 in Frankfurt, and each time a new bottle.

Tijuana International Airport

Frankfurt Airport water

Back in Israel

But when I arrived at the airport in Israel this is what you find in the baggage reclaim area.

A dedicated water bottle refilling station! Bravo Israel. Israel also has the highest use of recycled water in the world. I refilled the bottle I had from Frankfurt for my taxi ride home in Israel.

Full bottle

Bottles saved....


Eventually I will write a HiveFest post....

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Great post, bravo Israel 👏
I think that all this discard and rebuy is only a bussines

I rather think it’s a forgotten leftover from the panic after 9/11.

Intresting post

This is indeed a waste of resources and energy. Am wondering also every time I am flying what use this whole „no water/liquids bottle“ is about. 🙄
Israel seems to have a much smarter approach, looking for terrorists, not water bottles. 😜

A pleasant trip. Good luck. @brianoflondon

On my recent trip to Canada and US I took my metal Hivefest water bottle. I did empty it before going through security and found water fountains to refill it on the other side. None of the security people even mentioned it, but I took the precaution anyway.

I remember when this stuff started coming up that I could not even take toothpaste in checked luggage on a flight to Ireland. There has to be some sensible balance between security and practicality.

I have flown with El Al a couple of times, so I know what their security is like. I got grilled by their guys.

You actually had a nice trip. And the water bottle refilling station at Israel is really nice

Props to Israel :)

I think the Isreal's airport is nice then since they even allowed you to carry a bottle of water instead of buying theirs

Fortunately you have these water bottle refilling stations in London as well; both Heathrow and Luton.

Hope you really enjoy your trip 😊

Sometimes I have an empty bottle and I just fill it after checking it. Not always. Few times I just buy one when I forget.


We re-use exactly those water bottles until they're so dented and bented that we need to buy a new one. Same ones now for home and school for... um... around 4 months now?

And tupperware while we're at it. Yogurt and ice-cream containers are just perfect! Also... you get to eat the ice-cream and feel less guilty about it ;)

Came to check on the case. I'll dig around but please drop a link to fill us in. Hope you're well!

That is why, I always bring a tumbler with me to save money and to somehow save the earth too, in the little ways that I can.

Prayers for your safety… And Peace in Israel. 🇮🇱

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