HiveFest⁵ - This year at your place!

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You can’t come to HiveFest? No worries, HiveFest will come to you.

HiveFest5 promotional video


After Amsterdam (2016), Lisbon (2017), Kraków (2018), and Bangkok (2019), this year's HiveFest will be held at your place.
Thanks to AltspaceVR, the HiveFest World will be almost as good as the real deal, especially if you can join in with a VR headset.
Fear not, you can enjoy interacting with your friends without a VR set. A Windows / Mac is enough to give you a basic experience and explore the virtual environment. And of course, you’ll need headphones and a microphone to talk.


18-19 December 2020, the detailed schedule is available on the official HiveFest site
Free registration until December 7th.
Late time: (7-11 December): 50 HBD
Superlast minute: (14-18 December): 100 HBD

Do yourself a favor and prepare for the event beforehand.

Register as soon as possible

If and only if you are going to participate.
The virtual environment and computer resources need to be scaled accordingly.

Get familiar with your hardware and software

Get the software
Make sure that it works as expected.

Explore the basics of AltspaceVR

Customize your avatar.
Make it look like you or not like you at all. Just don’t use the default one.

@arcange and @roelandp in AltspaceVR

Go through tutorials, make sure that you understand the controls.
Keep yourself muted, unmute yourself only when you are talking. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary noise.
Headphones are preferred, speakers can create echo.

Side effects: Promotion.

HiveFest is not only an awesome event bringing a lot of joy to those who already know Hive well. It is at the same time an event that echoes all over the world (both the virtual and the real one).
This time is no different.

HiveFest is coming to AltspaceVR

What are you waiting for?

Many folk like to know beforehand what is to be set on the table; but those who have laboured to prepare the feast like to keep their secret; for wonder makes the words of praise louder.

- Gandalf, “Return of the King”, J.R.R. Tolkien

@roelandp has been working tirelessly for weeks to make it happen, so 100% beneficiary is set to @hivefest
Please consider supporting his efforts (see: Side Effects)
DHF: HiveFest⁵ @ AltspaceVR funding support proposal


Could do that every day, not just once a year...

Special event is not special when it's not special ;-)
But if you are willing to sponsor the ongoing event, I think the host will be happy to reconsider ;-)

Ha great! But you need to show a selfie of yourselfie :)


I would def be there! Imagine how I and @oaldamster's on chain conversation sort of predicted this type of thing happening, last year. I even made a post about it.

Its nice to see

Cool that Hive uses VR. It's really useful tool. Anyway it will be just a substitute of normal meeting. Mainly because VR headset can't be used for a longer time :( After one hour (or even earlier) it is uncomfortable (for eyes, but only). However I think it will be my first HiveFest. Finally! :)

Well, true, it would be hard to survive without breaks, but that's OK, one can watch/listen to "front row events" using broadcast, and the headset mostly for p2p interaction :-)
See you there, then :-)

  • Are pants a requirement?
  • Is the bar free?
  • Will there be a petting zoo?

we can look at the petting zoo.

That's not a petting zoo though. That's just a zoo. Total deal breaker.

Where will I park my llama?

  • No.
  • Idk. To be on a safe side of things - bring your own bar.
  • No idea. You can build your own.

You had me at no pants.

There is a good chance I will be naked, even if I go up on stage.

I completely understand. Yeah I was thinking about wearing a sock and a hand puppet but I guess we'll see how it goes.

HiveFest cannot be defeated by the plague. This will be the first history of HIveFest to take place virtually. Even though Hivers around the world do not see each other, the meeting virtually does not reduce the value of HIveFest. I hope that virtual HiveFest will be of great benefit to Hive's future progress. Wham regard from Aceh, Indonesia.

"Virtual" means "cancelled".

Christmas will be "virtual" this year for billions of people, for the first time. In other words, they will stay at home, not spend time together, eat alone, and look at photos or videos of each other on their phones or computers. But we can look at photos, talk on the phone, and eat alone any day of the year. Christmas is cancelled this year, just like Hivefest, and Burning Man, and just about everything else.

Oh this is exciting! Off to check out the hopefully-very-time-zone-inclusive schedule! 😎

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I'm certainly excited to attend! It'll be a good use of my VR and I'll hopefully also be streaming my PoV on my vimm channel as well.

My place? Parking may be an issue and I'm not sure if I have enough chairs, but you are all very welcome.

I have tested the app on my old PC and 2D mode seems to work. Can't really justify buying VR hardware just for this event.

It will be great to see everyone there.

Can't really justify buying VR hardware just for this event.

I can totally understand that, especially that it's not that easy to survive the whole event with the VR set on.

I usually run Linux, but I have Win10 on dual boot 'just in case'. It rarely gets used, but will be handy for this.

Love this video very well done.

This is for those that can't afford the VR gear.


Yes, also for anyone who don't want to get a VR only for few days of fun.
Not to mention that in a VR set you can quickly get tired (especially the eyes), so many can simply prefer this way for convenience.

Yes! Please download & install and register your username already!

Just realized this is a free event.

Will have to play with AltSpaceVR for a bit.

@arcange and @roelandp in AltspaceVR

Having met both on multiple occasions, I would say @roelandp has a decent likeness, and @arcange needs a tad more work!

A lot of time has passed since we last met and there have been two lockdowns here. I've changed quite a bit and you could be surprised 😏

He talks just like the real one ;-)

Virtual !BEER for you

Hey @gtg, here is a little bit of BEER from @simplegame for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Cheers to more updates. I'm looking forward for a blockchain (coding) tutorial session ❤️

..and we went to Gandalf's homeland, Poland, we went to Cracow - a beautiful city..

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When #hiveFest will be held in pakistan i love i love

I didn't get the HIVE airdrop. I never expected I could be included in the Exclusion list and I was waited the launching, but I realized my HIVE wallet is vacant... I think something is wrong.

Meanwhile I'm just here back to lurking from time to time just to check what's going on around here now.