The countdown to HiveFest⁸ is two weeks away - Join us and get your exclusive badge!

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2 weeks left before HiveFest⁸ in Rosarito

HiveFest... The buzz is spreading, and excitement is building for the upcoming event.

As you're likely aware, HiveFest⁸ is set for September 22 to 26. In case you missed @roelandp's announcement, you can read it here.

Since the announcement, numerous posts about the event have flooded in, and the anticipation is rising as high as the temperatures in Rosarito. We're hopeful that you'll be joining us at the event and getting the chance to meet these enthusiastic authors in person as well as many major players in our community.

Are you ready for HiveFest⁸

As usual, the @hivebuzz team is diligently gearing up for this major event. We're delighted to announce that the specially crafted commemorative badge is now ready to make its appearance on your HiveBuzz profile board.

We hope it will serve as a cherished token of your participation in HiveFest⁸ for years to come.

How to get it?

It's as simple as 1-2-3! First, secure your flight, book a cozy room, and snag your ticket for HiveFest⁸ in Rosarito (find more details on the official HiveFest website).

PS: Act swiftly! Time is running out, and starting from Thursday, September 14, the pre-sale will conclude, leading to a last minute ticket price will be higher!

With these three magic steps, you're set to register at HiveFest in Rosarito. Et voilà... You will automatically receive your badge a few minutes later.

The badge will be displayed in your personal tab on your board.

Are you a HiveFest regular?

Have you ventured to one of the past gatherings in Amsterdam (2016), Lisboa, Krakòw, Bangkok, or Amsterdam (2022)? Fantastic! Your second adventure awaits at HiveFest in Rosarito, and for that, you will earn a special badge:

Your HiveFest badge will proudly display 2 stars, letting your friends know that you're no longer a HiveFest newbie.

Are you a HiveFest lover?

Have you already had the opportunity to embark on the journey and participate in two of our previous editions? If so, your remarkable enthusiasm has not gone unnoticed.

You will be awarded a 3 stars badge, a symbol of your commitment to HiveFest.

Are you addicted to HiveFest?

We've noticed your uncontainable enthusiasm for HiveFest. Do not worry, you're not alone, and rest assured, your secret's safe with us. When you return from your adventures in Rosarito, proudly showing off your shiny 4 stars badge, your mom will be beaming with pride.

Are you a HiveFest Veteran?

You've been to almost every HiveFest, but bad luck, you missed one along the way. No matter, it won't happen again and you will be present in Rosarito.

Great, you'll get your HiveFest⁸ badge with 5 stars and most likely something else...

Are you a HiveFest Die Hard?

Impressive! You've made them all, from Amsterdam (2016) to Lisboa, Krakòw, Bangkok, and back to Amsterdam (2022). There's no force on Earth that could keep you from this, and now you're back in Rosarito. The event holds no more mysteries for you!

Your commitment and experience have truly set you apart. With this track record, your HiveFest⁸ badge will shine brightly with 1 diamond and a star!

Do not forget the Travel Reimbursement Fund

The Travel Reimbursement Fund (@t-r-f) remains accessible for contributions! This fund is dedicated to assisting fellow Hive users in their journey to HiveFest in Rosarito while alleviating their travel costs.

@hivebuzz endorses this initiative and has introduced a brand-new badge to honor those who generously contribute to the Travel Reimbursement Fund.

Read the announcement post .

The @t-r-f already collected 238 HIVE and 604 HBD thanks to the generous contributors.

Thank you to @amigoponc, @arcange, @bechibenner, @benbow2017, @bhattg, @blicklicht, @borsengelaber, @brianoflondon, @crrdlx, @dawnoner, @deanliu, @djbagman, @edgerik, @elevator09, @eliezerfloyd, @ericvancewalton, @eturnerx, @hivebuzz, @hivetrending, @intishar, @janetedita, @jaster, @littlebee4, @loonatic, @mamaemigrante, @mstamatov, @myjob, @ph1102, @phoenixwren and @rmach.

You truly deserve your Travel Fund Donator badge!

See you soontm in Rosarito

Useful links:
HiveFest⁸ - announcement
HiveFest community on Hive
HiveFest⁸ - t-r-f announcement


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Looks awesome! 💯

When is this going to happen on the west coast specifically Portland oregon. I'd love to go whoever you guys keep having it on far side of the world.

Is there going to be any live streaming?

Yes, there should be a live stream

I love to do travelling and I try to appreciate as much as I can. I know it's not possible for me to join HiveFest this time but I am may join in the next time. 🙂.
Thank you for the honorable mention 🙂.

I cannot wait for the day that I can go, I do not know when or where it will be but I will be there. I hope you have a great time.

It will be a success for the world blogging area

I would love to go, but it's too far away for me. Maybe next year it will be a bit closer and I will be able to join the Hive Fest


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Hey @tuisada, we understand that not everyone can make it to Hive Fest due to various reasons. Don't worry, there's always next year and we hope it will be more convenient for you.


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It looks spectacular.

Thank you @marilui91

I would like to, I am new to the platform. And traveling becomes very difficult for me. I am from Venezuela.

Welcome to the platform, @marilui91! It's great to have you here.
We understand that traveling can be a challenge, especially in these times.
Greetings to Venezuela
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Have fun everyone :).

Wow... This is great 😃👍

Por que en la imagen sale bienvenido en español ? No deberia decir welcome?

Have fun...days of friendship and love