The new HiveFest⁶ attendee badge is waiting for you

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One week left before HiveFest⁶

As you all know by now, HiveFest⁶ will take place on November 12 and 13. If you missed the announcement made by @roelandp, you can read it here.

Onece again, for obvious reasons, HiveFest⁶ will not take place in a country somewhere in the (real) world but in the virtual universe of Altspace VR.

While many of us are sad that we cannot physically meet each other, the good news is that many more users will be able to participate as there will be no travel and accommodation costs. All you will need to plug into the virtual reality is your VR-goggles or a computer with AltspaceVR installed on it.

Meet HiveBuzz at HiveFest⁶

The HiveBuzz team also actively prepared for the event and we will try to add our little extra touch of fun.

And as for last year, the magic of virtual universes will allow you to meet HiveBuzz and discuss with our team.

Earn your commemorative badge

The commemorative badge is ready and waiting to be activated on your HiveBuzz board.

How to get it?

HiveFest⁶ taking place in virtual reality doesn't mean you shouldn't work a bit to earn your badge.

If you haven't already done so, hurry to register for free before November 5th!

On the D-day, you will need to confirm your attendance.

Wear your VR headset or install the AltspaceVR software on your computer and join the virtual world of HiveFest. Everything is planned so that you can confirm your arrival easily and automatically receive your badge a few minutes later.

The badge will be displayed in your personal tab on your board.

Some useful links:
HiveFest⁶ announcement
HiveFest⁶ official website
HiveFest⁶ Community - All the HiveFest⁶ related posts
HiveFest⁶ Telegram group

See you soon in the metaverse

We look forward to meeting you and really hope you attend HiveFest⁶

The Hivebuzz Team


Awesome! Cant wait to get the Badge <3

Same here. 🙃

I'm glad yo share :)

I setup, rsvp'd and registered although I haven't received any email. I am ready for the event!

sometimes the automated email ends up in spam. You should get newsletter email coming days and also follow your hive wallet and get your Memo key ready!

Love VR My husbandbought it and we loved it .... 😍

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I just registered but is there any confirmation email? I cannot receive one :(

You should have received one from the HieFest organizer

Can't wait for it!!!❤️

Can't wait to meet you at HiveFest

Nice! Another one... but now I am going to get recked... because might go to @forkyishere LOLOL =)

I dont have vr headset. Guess i cant come :(

You can join in 2D using your computer

I have already registered.

Don't have VR, can I still participate?

Yes, install AltspaceVR on your computer and join us in 2D

ok it seems very nice and interesting, I organize myself to participate.

Looking forward to meet you at HiveFest @astrocreator

See you soon.........

I am looking forward to this as a newbie.

We don't make any difference between oldtimers and newbies. You will be welcomed @peaq

So pleased to hear this.

Thank you always @hivebuzz

Hi @hivebuzz! I registered and completed the other passages 😉
I'm ifiwasfrank in game too!

Great! See you at HiveFest

Gracias por el apoyo... ire al link para asistir... saludos!

I love this, but I don't really know how I can participate..

If you have Windows 10 you can get the software and use it in 2d. If not, there's a good chance things will be livecast on YouTube or elsewhere. This is how I caught some things last year. At the very least you can engage with the chat at !LUV






@akazu, you've been given LUV from @crrdlx.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/5)

I use Linux. So, I guess I am out.

I subscribed to the HiveFest Youtube Channel.

I guess the question for @hivebuzz is if watching the youtube or 3speak version will count toward attendance.

I'm not sure about attendance but last year I watched some on YouTube and it does the job.. I'll probably watch things this way this year also while I'm away from my home PC. I agree it would be nice if things were broadcast on a hive platform like 3speak or vimm.

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is watching the youtube or 3speak version will count toward attendance.

Simple answer: no
Mainly because we cannot track who is watching.






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Yay for Hivefest!!

I am rip roaring boot scootin boogying, that is how ready I am. I have more ready than sense if you know what I'm saying.

Will give this a try

Enlighten me on how to participate

Read the post

heheheh you guys should have done like a little contest/giveaway for the goggles ;)

I was gonna buy them but then I saw the price LOLOLOL
will be fun to see everyrone and "mingle" virtually - I look forward to 2022 and traveling again. I have FAITH that we will do that next year! hahahaha i can't take all these restrictions anymore. I'm a travel bug and need to FLYYYYYYYYYYYY lol

Éxitos y más éxitos!!!