HiveFest⁷ - Close Encounters - Amsterdam - 15-18 September 2022

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HiveFest is the annual gathering for Hive users and its ecosystem. It is a reunion x conference x social event.

People from over 150 different countries attended past 6 HiveFest events held in Europe, Asia and virtual reality.

Hive is the DPOS blockchain running for over 6 years, producing blocks every 3 seconds and powering the biggest decentralized social media blockchain with almost 2.5 million registered users as well as securing the number 1 Dapp Game Splinterlands.

For the seventh edition of HiveFest, the event returns to its birthplace Amsterdam, for a four day in person event from 15 to 18 September.

Come join in for all things Hive, 420, 69, canals, clogs, tulips and windmills!

HiveFest 2022 - Close Encounters
15 - 18 September - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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I'm getting ever more excited about this. Spotted myself and a few friends in the video. I have been to Amsterdam, but still got plenty to explore. I'm looking to do the parkrun on Saturday if anyone is interested.

September 15th is my birthday!! I would love to be there! But I know I will be there the next fest!! I can’t wait to see the pictures!!! :D

Is there a discord channel for discussing Hivefest? Could be useful for sorting travel and accommodation etc. I just found out one of my trains is cancelled, so I need to sort out an alternative. Looks like there are a few between Brussels and Amsterdam.

This is really exciting! I dreaming with I'll be there in the next edition! 😀

it sounds really fun! b but i'll wait fro the pictures for thi year's event . Have a great time you all!