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From 15 to 18 of September there will be the HiveFest in Amsterdam, Holland and Liotes will be there! We won't make a fancy presentation of the project but @ph1102 will be there in person!

If you plan to go to Holland, make sure to leave a comment or contact Zoltan directly. We would love to meet you guys.


A project run by @ph1102 and @achim03


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I wish I could go... but I'm considering going to Splinterfest as it's close to where I live. Anyone going?

Seems @darmst5339 is going as well :-)

I am also considering going to Splinterfest.

I'm interested, but I don't know anybody. lol
I live in SoCal, where are you?

I am in Texas. My brother and I have made plans to attend and enjoy Las Vegas while there.

Not going there but looking forward to the presentation.

Maybe another time. Well you don't live just next door I believe ;-)

I will not be able to exhaust my flight points. I don't really expect very productive things to come out of the event for Hive. We await publications.

I don't really expect very productive things to come out of the event for Hive

I hope you are wrong and Zoltan makes good use of his time ;-)

Haha! I meant the opposite, I wrote it wrong. What a head of mine.

I'll be looking forward to a review/recap of the event from you guys (hopefully? 😅😜). Help all those who aren't able to be there get updated on what's happening 😊.

I will push @ph1102 to make a big review of the event. Can't promise anything thoug lol

No i am not visiting hivefest. Anyways, Have fun @ph1102.

@achim03, thanks for the update on the liotes project.


@liotes! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @imfarhad. (2/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

I wanted to go but could not afford that far of a trip at this time. However I will be attending Splinterfest since it will be a lot closer. Take care.


Nice that you go to Splinterfest. Hope you will make a big reporting about it ;-)

I will try and take lots of notes and pictures and post about it while I am there. Take care.

Thanks for the great returns. I hope Zoltan has a great time at HiveFest! I cannot go this time either.

It's a pity that you will not make it... I hope we will see you at some other event!

Definitely, that would be cool. Have a great time! Don't forget to run your Rising Star missions. Lol

Don't forget to run your Rising Star missions.

That's my biggest concern... That I will have no time to do it... 😂
I'm addicted!

I am not going to Hivefest either and I don't think I could make it fit as work has been keeping me busy lately as well.

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Same here, too much work to take days free at the moment :-)

Hi Achim bro, Hope you are doing amazing and it looks from the video. 🙂

No man not going to HiveFest, maybe next year if inflation goes down. lol

BTW, I see Diesel Pools are almost down to $7, what happened to them?

Wish you all the best.



You might want to have a look at last weeks post where we explained the reason of it.

Thanks for the link, I just watched the video and found out the exact reason. So, there will be no reward until the pool get a renewal.

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Yes, the reward pools for the BEE:HBD, BEE:BUSD, BEE:USDT are finished. So there are no rewards distributed anymore.

BEE:BEE is inactive in general and its child pools are also completed their tenure. I think it will require another witness vote to support for restoration.

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Won't be there but have fun!

Thanks! It will be fun for sure!

Hope you can post about HiveFest later. Maybe there is something interesting that can boost the liotes project too. Btw, it's nice to see LEN burnt to 700 🔥

That's a nice idea to do a post about HiveFest... I will try to prepare something when I come back!

Btw, it's nice to see LEN burnt to 700 🔥

It is nice, especially knowing that all those tokens were earned or bought back from the markets!

Hi zoltan nive that you will be there and sorry @liotes that you arent able to make it
We will keep you updated.
Let hive fest start

Zoltan is preparing his suitcases ;-). Hope it's going to be a nice party!

It will ! It will. We will keep you posted hahahahah

See you there!

Great! Unfortunately, I'm somewhere else right now and can't be there. Hope he has a lot of fun! 👏😎

It was a lot of fun! Next year, don't miss it!


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