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During the Hive Fest 7 in Amsterdam, I of course also had my camera with me. This I had at various locations with it. In this post you can see the photos I took with my Sony camera in the Volkshotel lobby and the two event locations. These pictures are already edited. If you want to have a picture, please write it in the comments, then I can send you a higher resolution. Have fun looking at the pictures!

In the Volkshotel Lobby

On the first evening there were opening drinks in the lobby of the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. A lot of hive users, or rather bees, came together to meet old friends, make new acquaintances and start a great conference in a very cozy atmosphere.

@awildovasquez, @lizanomadsoul and @rmach having fun in the lobby

Scanning Game rocks on with @awildovasquez and @lizanomadsoul

@lizanomadsoul and @jarvie talking

@detlev listen to discussion

@detlev and 2 more awesome hive users

@brianoflondon in a meeting

@therealwolf in a discussion with @asgarth

the dear @crimsonclad in a discussion with @brianoflondon


some random guy in front of the volkshotel playing the piano at late night

Day 1 - Eventlocation EYE Film Museum

driving with the metro to the centraal station - @steevc, @tdctunes and @slobberchops

group of hive bee's walking up the metro station to reach the conference venue day 1

omg... so many bikes on one place.

on the way to the ferry to go to the other side where the event location was

the dear @brittandjosie and the lovely smile

Day 2 - Eventlocation the Church

@rubencress on the way inside to the event location #2

@iliyan90 in a discussion outside of event location #2


@blind-spot in a discussion inside of the event location

And Last but not least... @detlev enjoys the Hive Fest 7 in Amsterdam


I hope you like the photos. That's it with the photos, which I have shot with my larger camera. Accordingly, in my next posts now follow photos that were shot with my phone. If you want to see the other photos (On Stage), you can see them here:

Thanks for reading, commenting and of course to everyone who was at HiveFest 7. It was a great time with you!


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The secret hive shots , love them ! And what a busy bees right! I have one from you trying to photograph the upcoming subway so yes you and that large camera lens are definitely tied to hivefest memories for me thanks fo having me in the blog

Nice shots! Love the shots you took from everyone outside of the conference.
See you next year, it was nice meeting you man!

you got nice pictures dude!

Nice job and thank you for the mention. 👏👏

That's the first time I see a photo of rubencress, thanks!

I'm trying my best to be in the shadows haha... it's a rare occurrence indeed!

You really were in the shadows! I noticed quite a few photographers around, I'm trying to think how I didn't see you!!

I always tell myself; When you truly want to see, you first have to know what it's like to be unseen, so you pay attention to the little things that matter.

It's what I used to tell my clients "You won't see me, but I'll be there". I often got replies like " how and when did you take that photograph of me!", which put a smile on our faces.

Some nice candid photos! The one with me and @steevc and @slobberchops on the metro is a good demonstration of just how TALL Steve is!

Amazing caption with wonderful people in one place.

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Some Great and Lovely people under the Same roof!

Awesome Pictures and Vibes. !LUV

Cool pics. I had a great time and it seemed others did too. We need more events like this.



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Portrait photography. That aint easy but you did good man! Secret snaps haha

Nice shots! I have a close up look to some who are very kinda of secretive, no need to mention 😃

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you for being part of the family meetup ;)
Great moments you have captured there ;)


Whooooot - that last one made me smile even more as I already smile on that picture,

Thanks for having your cam and thanks for having your eye within the right moments to catch all of us

Lovely shots! I love the random guy outside :D
Here's to next meet 👐