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RE: Freshwater or Sea Fisherman?

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What absolute joy to have your lovely sons enjoy a hobby that your husband loves. It is wonderful to connect and be close to our adult sons, the best of life's gifts and even better you get to dine and eat the fruits of the men's labours.
What kind of fish is shad Silver Blond Lizzie? I have not hear of it in Australia? I certainly looked tasty cooked in batter, yum.

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Here in SA, there is a short season where one is allowed to catch Shad, because of over-fishing. When the Shad bite, it's called a shad run as they bite as soon as the fisherman's line is in the water, it's quite a sight! They cannot be sold here either. It's one of the tastiest fish I've eaten!
Quoted from this link:

Elf or shad, (Pomatomus saltatrix) are relatively fast growing, migratory, schooling fish that are widely distributed around the world in both subtropical and warm-temperate continental waters. They appear fairly resilient to fishing, however, due to their popularity as a gamefish and their high catchability, they have been heavily fished.