Friday Files: A Long Short Day

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As happens the week following a particularly long Friday list, yesterday's was short. I had planned to be done by lunch time. Just soup and rolls.

The day began with this critter's carcass in my shoe. My sock wasn't happy. I blame the intrusion on a feline.

Kitchen day, was eventful. One of the baking sheets fled behind the fridge necessitating disconnecting the gas moving the stove and a cabinet and using a long hook thingy to get it out. The delay meant the soup took longer to cook and the dough over proved.

Anyhow, the Husband is my hero...

Rambo is my supervisor. Constantly in trip-up mode. If not in the doorway, in the middle of the floor between stove and sink. If he's not with me, he's shadowing The Husband.

So, my afternoon plans of beginning to draft a post embracing my silver, remain just that. The revised plan is to work on it this afternoon, after the market and before my usual Saturday catch up.

I was so happy that supper was ready on Sunday and just had to be thawed and baked.

It was comfort food cottage pie with cauliflower topping instead of potato. Served with McGregor herbes de Provence roasted carrots.

Today promises to be warm and sunny. At least a 7°C or so warmer start than last week's 5!

PS This is not a cheeky entry for @dswigle's #marketfriday. Seems I, too, have drawn a blank. Follow Denise and the tag to see fascinating makets and interpretations from all iver the world

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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Now why did I never think of making cottage pie with a cauli mash topping when hubby was on keto! Definitely making this next week, something that's a regular feature on our menu as we all love cottage pie. The soup looks good Fiona.
Happy slightly warmer market day😊

 2 months ago (edited) 

It was a glorious day for the market - layers came off! Now it's lovely! Happy Saturday to you!

An interesting day, however. Full of adventure
And the cat is like a real master...))

That he is. Along with the grey one...

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Critters and socks reminds me of hubby's horror at having worn his work boots most of the day, only to find a huge cockroach had been in there squished between his sock and the boot. He's terrified of bugs, so not brave in these circumstances. I get called in to remove offenders in my house, by my daughters as well as him.

I admit that locusts, cockroaches and mole crickets do the same for me. The only reason I was calm about that is because it was a carcass! Mind you, living in the country makes one a tad more umm... tolerant... shall we say!🤣

But when will the supervisor be snipped?

Month end. The dye is cast.

Yay! He seems very at home

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