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Authored by @Mondoshawan

The Silver Bloggers are a bunch of "crazy wise", life-loving bloggers with nothing to do with precious metals.... however, you never know!

We all have quite a bit of life experience and have now begun exploring all these new technologies around blockchains. In our early years, the "only" use we had for a chain was to lock the bicycle...

Today, in our Silver Bloggers' Community, we bring together young at heart like-minded humans and 'old souls' who are still connected to their inner child. It's not really about counting years. Though, to be a Silver Blogger you have to be a pre-millennial.

The silver threads, besides the love of sharing our "wisdom," are:

  • an interest in learning more about blockchains, crypto, asking lots of "dumb" questions
  • a compulsion to write about our life experiences - as a "library" for our children and our children's children
  • musings and memories of the life we have lived - the happy ones and the sad ones, the long ones and the short ones
  • planning for life after work and into second and third phases of life - from leisure and travel to second (or third...) careers
  • hobbies that can supplement income, and what keeps "non-"working people busy


Hello and ...

...welcome, dear reader! It's a pleasure to have you over to check out what the Silver Bloggers have to offer. Our doors are open 24/7 - so when ever you feel "hungry" for some soul food, you're welcome in our hive-iverse.

After some years of traveling through unending constellations, we thought it a good idea to put the basics of "What being a Silver Blogger is All About" into one place. That way you do not need to reinvent the wheel and go the long way round to meet "wise and mature" Hiveans. :smirk:

Please - take this guide as a collection of information and links to all the "what to do's" as you start finding your way around the Hive. It's not meant to be read in one go....

Choose whatever point you wonder about on hive or the silver bloggers, click on the menu link, and you will be taken to the place to "get the message".

It's written to answer some of the why's about blogging and regularly engaging. As important, learn about the awesome support you can get if you decide to stay to the end. Not forgetting the most important thing we are all looking for here... To Have Fun!

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How to subscribe to the Silver Bloggers' community is easy... just go to @hive-106316 and click the subscribe button. Done!

But why would you subscribe?

  • Because it's about silver? Ummm... wrong.
  • Because this is the jive thing to do lately? Errr... no-no.
  • Because you want some upvotes and curation on your blog? Nope, wrong again.
  • Because you want to share the others' life experiences and share yours with them, and have a mature exchange? Yes, that's us...

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Following "Mother"

Most of us call @hive-106316 our mother account... so after subscribing to our community, it is the next step to follow this community account.

Assuming you are a subscribed Silver Blogger (and even if you're not), please follow our "mother". That way you're sure not to miss any updates, challenges, curation posts as well as brilliant subscriber posts that we re-blog. That way, you don't need to run around to get all the stories because they'll appear in your feed.

It's easy, here's how..:

Go to and check the steps in these two pictures:

First click on cancel when you see the community account prompt...

Then click on the "follow" button...

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Picking your Silver Name

Just for fun, we started offering everyone the chance to choose a silvery name and become a member of the community. All you need to do, is to cheerfully, enthusiastically and, if you can, wittily, participate and every now and then write a post in our community.

Speaking of the silver name: it shows in the list of community subscribers (on PeakD) next to your username. Picking a Silver Name shows that you are a member of our community and it is not connected to your personal Hive username. Most importantly, it doesn't overwrite or change anything and nada.... it's just showing that you like to have fun!


For the How2 get your personal silvery member name... just click this colored text!

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Over the last years, blogging has become the in thing to do... sharing your ideas on whatever subject you feel like. Being able to monetize your content in many different ways, you can become your own boss. We think that crypto-blogging on a blockchain is on the way to becoming a standard. This means there won't be a centralized entity deciding if you are eligible for some income. On Hive, the readers and writers interact directly with each other, supporting with crypto votes. As more and more join and like (up-vote) your original content, your crypto earnings can become an income.

Don't forget that, realistically, the blockchains and Web 3.0 are still in baby slippers... but just the fact that we're working together on the future of a decentralized version of the internet, keeps most of us here.

Some of us write everyday, while others rarely share an opinion. Each to their own. Myself, you can call me Silverfish if you like, came to Hive in 2018 in search of a way to start writing and blogging in a decentralized way. I'd had enough of the big corporations telling me what I can and can't do. I didn't even know the crypto part then.

Now, after all the ups and downs I experienced and survived, I'm still here - writing, reading, supporting, listening, helping out in any way I can. The one thing that really would have helped me at the beginning, would have been a community like the Silver Bloggers. As a RockNrolla and "old guard" gentleman, it wasn't always easy to find like minded folks in this new game play where there are mostly youngsters. Patiently, though, I stayed and learned my way through all what the blockchain threw at me. I found "family and friends" who helped me - more than once - to stay positive.

Then the Communities came to Hive and luckily I was already "friends" with Lizzie, the Queen of Sandwiteers, who was launching the "Silver Bloggers", a place for us young-at-heart kindred spirits and younger 'old souls'. Thank you for that awesome idea, my dear friend!

Come on over and join in on the future with us?

If you really are interested in sharing your wisdom on the internet, this is a community to help everyone. Where you can enjoy mature engagement and communication, so we can all get the best out of crypto social blogging.

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Proactive Interaction

Reading the Silver Members' Blogs

What else would a community be for, if not for members to read and support each other. We may be a niche community, but still it's the place to start meeting and greeting people in the Hive. It's a place we can build up our "family" and grow bigger, together.

Comments and Votes - on the blogs just read

Engagement is the most important way we get to know each other. Showing like-minded members that you are there and interested in what they do. A vote earns you and them, crypto, but since the votes on a post do not show if someone has read the post, a comment is always the best way to let an author know that you did.


Following our Community Trail

There are other ways you can support members of the community if you can't get to everyone, and that's by following the community voting trail. You can do this using by loggin in via the hivesigner page. Then go to "curation trail" and add hive-106316.


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BOM - Blog Of the Month

It began with BoW (blog of the week)... but a topic once a week was just a bit much for all of us. So in January 2022 we changed to our Blog of the Month - #BoM. How you enter is always explained in every announcement post. One thing is for certain, the prizes in this challenge are among of the best in the Hive!

The winners curation posts to the topics we had so far:

Silver Prompt - Our recipe for coping with Writer's Block

Because we want to keep our Silver Bloggers active, the team comes up with initiatives other than #bom to encourage subscribers to post in the community. We also know that deciding what to write about can be hard. Writer's block is a thing, so a least once a month we come up with a writing prompt.

How to join the Silver Prompt
  • Write something on or around the topic - you'll find the most recent prompt pinned at the top of the community.
  • Write 100% original content of at least 300 words
  • Post in the Silver Bloggers Community and use #SilverPrompts as the first tag
  • Have fun
Our eyes Curation over Prizes

Although there are no prizes for this initiative - depending on how things unfold, that could change...or not - there is a bonus (more below). And a selection of these blogs is always included in a special #SilverPrompts curation post.

The Bonus

Your blogs may be selected and recommended to the OCD team for additional support. Plus: Other Silver Bloggers and Hiveans get to know us all a little better.

Our Silver Prompt Picks so far:

Pop over and have a look at the awesome Silver Bloggers creations around these...

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Silver Pin

On the interface, one of the doors into the Hiveiverse, there is a way to create a badge. We did exactly that: as a token of appreciation for our active members. If the @badge-106316 account follows you, you have the potential to wear that Pin on your profile page... All you have to do is to follow it back and the badge icon will appear. Just like that!

What this pin does

  • It shows that the account is a proactive Hive user and a member of the Silver Bloggers's community
  • Clicking on it takes you to the badge's account feed
  • In this account feed, you can find all the posts of the Silver Badge holders (All means all... not just the silver ones!)

What this pin CAN'T do

  • Cook your dinner...
  • Write a post for you...

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Curation... a word that crops up all the time on Hive. The dictonary tells us this:


This is what the Silver Bloggers Team does with #bom and #silverprompts.

It's what we all do when we...

Upvote & Reblog

But that's not all, the reason that our mother account reblogs (as far as possible) subscribers posts that jive with the community focus means that you get more eyes on your posts. We believe that results in more votes and engagement which is the foundation of crypto social.

It's why, in addition to this, we also publish the Silver Bloggers Community "Smorgasbord" which is a selection of stand out contributions to the community.

Our Community Curation into OCD

Earlier it was mentioned that we recommend outstanding contributions to OCD. When we do this, we believe the creators - you - deserve greater rewards, more than our account can give. Our relationship with Original Content Developers allows us to do that for as long as we are part of their programme - its a win-win.

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The Coffee Corner

In many of our blogs you're invited to our community's coffee corner, which is on Discord. What a name for a place to unite? Ha, kids hein?!

There is nothing to be afraid of. It's easier to join Discord, than to leave Fakebook behind, especially, when you are already handling a Hive account with all its keys and security stuff... And easy to join: just check out our other How2 blog Unity with Discord which shows you the way.

Over there we can chat about everything without using our RC (resource credits). It's the place to ask - and answer - questions you may have about Hive and discord.

More Links to help you around the Hive

Since Hive is a Web 3 blockchain, when you start, there is a lot of stuff to get to know and understand. For some idea of the what's what and the how's how, check out the following links, which give help and good advice...

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Okee dokee, that's almost it for now...

Hopefully you have found all the information you need. If you have questions or suggestions, we would love to hear them. For that, please leave a comment here or in our coffee-corner and we'll get back to you as soon as possible...

A huge THANK YOU to all and everyone who gives their free time to our community. A huge THANK YOU to the writers of the awesome blogs mentioned in this menu. Without you it wouldn't be the same for sure.

Thanks for being awesome, to every single one of you! Have an excellent day!

Never Ending Story - As things develop in communities and the blockchain chain, we will keep updating and reviewing this menu as they evolve.


Come and join our Silver Bloggers community Silver Bloggers footer banner 600 x 300.jpg on Hive and in our Coffee-Corner on discord!

Thank you for your awesome sauce!
You Can
To Support!


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A very helpful guide. I need to come back and read it more thoroughly when I have a bit more time.

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Thank you @kaazoom, no need to read it all at once, there are clickable links when you have a particular question about the Silver Bloggers community, and a section with links to posts written by other Hivers which will be really helpful in your journey here on Hive.

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I got out of the habit of posting on Hive. It will be worth my while going through the links so I can understand this platform better.

I will try to understand, about this blend, read more carefully

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There is a lot to read, but is a super helpful guide to refer to.

thank you @lizelle
This guide is very useful for me and I will continue to learn about the guide here

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