A Snowy Walk in the Woods to See the Rocks - (27 photos)

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We were forecast to get our first snowfall of the season so I thought I would get out to the woods for a little forest bathing (shinrin-yoku). This little hike is close to where I live but it has been a while since I have been out there. I'm not sure I have ever been out here when it has been snowing. So follow along and see some of the small rock formations along the trail.

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To add some extra steps to the hike I parked a ways away from the trailhead.

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It was a very still morning and the powdery flakes were falling softly.

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Reaching the point where the trail crosses the road I turn right to head up a slight incline towards the rocks.

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I love the orange colored bark of the mature Ponderosa pine. I always spend a little time at this pace at the top of the hill to admire these stately behemoths.

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Moving on I catch a glimpse of one of the rock formations. I live in what was once a highly volcanic area. I imagine these formations are the remnants of old lava flows.

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A close up view. It is amazing how the trees find a way to grow in these rocky outcroppings.

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Some lichen clinging to a downed log.

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The next rock formation on my journey.

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I have always wanted to climb this little feature to see what was up top. This is the view from the top looking back down at the trail.

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I found this little spit in the rocks up on top. Not sure how far it went back because I didn't want to disturb anything that might be using this as their hidey-hole. 😉

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Some more of the rocks up on top. Glad I made the small trek up to see what was there.

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Coming down off the rocks I see the next formation.

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To give myself a little more cardio I take the trail to the left that goes up another small hill.

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An old sentinel stands guard near the top of the hill.

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A look back down the small hill.

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Another look at a stand of Ponderosa's and their orange bark. I stood here a few moments soaking in the peaceful energy of the forest. I definitely feel much better mentally and physically after these woods walks. 😌

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Time to cross the main road to get back to my parking spot. Must look both ways first. lol.

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And back to my trusty Jeep to conclude my forest bathing for this day!

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Photos taken by me, @oldmans, with a Nikon D3300 and some Lightroom post processing.
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Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!


Ponderosa looks amazing! I also believe the forest has a powerful energy that fill us with great vibes. It’s great that you could be there and stay there for a moment.

I do feel better after a walk in the woods. I try to match my energy to that of the forest. Kind of a mini meditation but it seems to work for me. 🙂

I like your TJ! 😍 I have a 2006 X Sport and LOVE it. I have also owned a CJ and YJ, but the TJ's are my favorite thus far. The wintery walk looked amazing by the way. Enjoy winter.. hopefully it won't be long until we can put our tops down again 😁


This one below is from this past winter. I took off the fender flares and painted them black. I also replaced all the lighting with LED hardware. SO Glad I did that. I can see so much better now.


Top down and doors off. 😀

I bought my 04 TJ new in 2005. It's got about 95k miles on it and I will probably drive until I die. Lot of fun to drive!

Yeah my fender flares have gone gray just like me. lol

Was the lighting change pretty much plug and play or did it require some modification?

Doors off 100%
My TJ has roughly 76K on her so far but I don't drive it a lot. I have a truck so that's my daily runner.
The headlights were a little tricky with the wiring, since they are halos. I figured it out and there is plenty of info floating around the web on it.
The rear tail lights were a little bit of a pain in a#*. I had to drill out threaded studs welded to body because the new lights are totally sealed and studded. Drivers side was easy, and passenger's side was a pain. I had to take about 30-45 minutes removing the evap canister - basically removing 8 bolts and sliding it forward. Otherwise you can't thread the nuts onto the bolts of the light. Didn't see that coming, but in the end it was well worth it.


I changed out the side/front markers to a tinted style.. they look cool in the new black fenders. I also bought LED bulbs for them. Sooo.. I had to change the flasher relay berried in the steering column so I didn't get that fast flash. Cheap enough at local auto parts store.


LOVE the new rear lights. Highly recommended. Like I said, easy other than the stupid Evap in the way for install. Also I took the time and soldered all wires together and sealed them with shrink wrapers.


Wow, nice work!

I'll probably start with headlights and see where it leads. Thanks for the info. 👍

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