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RE: Freshwater or Sea Fisherman?

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Great post about fishing, which brought back memories of my childhood...

My dad used to wake me up before dawn, at about 4 a.m. I didn't want to get up. But it was made up for when we'd arrive on our bikes or walk to the lake and cast our rods at dawn. It was terribly cold, sleep was not over yet, but everything changed with the sunrise, the bite and the first fish caught) These memories are priceless...

Thank you for your post!

 5 days ago  

The menfolk used to make sure they were at the fishing waters very early; Mom & I would pack the breakfast in the picnic basket and join them. I never fished but Mom did and often was the lucky one to casually land the first fish😄

Yes, I call it a woman's seventh sense) My mom is also a good fisherman!)